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The Moon Report

 Taurus Full Moon
TOTAL Lunar Eclipse
~16° Taurus-Scorpio
November 8th 3:02 am PT
Mars Retrograde
October 30th - Jan 12th, 2023
~~ ~~ 

Mark Major Endings... & Major New Beginnings
They Invite Change
They Accelerate our Process
...They Stir the Pot!​

Astrology reminds us WHO we are and WHY we are here.  Major Transits in the Cosmos work to shake things up and support us on getting back on our Soul's path. 

Full Moons Shine a Light on what has been hidden in the Shadows.  We can see how far we have come and how far we need to go. The next Full Moon at 16° Taurus-Scorpio will be a Total Lunar Eclipse and will be the final Eclipse of 2022. The Full Moon will Eclipse slowly as it passes through the Earth's shadow, bringing to our awareness what has been hidden, repressed or blocked.  We will have an opportunity this week to process any buried emotions, trauma or fears.  We will also have an opportunity to re-unite with our deepest desires and what truly motivates us.  

The Lunar North Node in Taurus has directed all the Eclipses in 2022 to be in the Taurus-Scorpio Axis. Eclipses work in 19 year Cycles. The last time we had a Lunar Eclipse at 16° Taurus was Nov. 8, 2003.  If you are old enough to remember; What was going on in your life then? What are you ready to take to the next level? The North Node in Taurus encourages us to upgrade our level of consciousness and re-align our values. Read here; "Rethinking What Really Matters."

  • What do you value?

  • What truly matters to you?

  • Do you have what you want? Do you want what you have?

  • How do you betray yourself? (people pleasing, not looking after your needs, not facing truth, not speaking up, poor choices)


Each Eclipse Cycle works in 3 phases.  The last set of Eclipses we had in Taurus-Scorpio was 6 months ago, April 30th & May 15th, 2022.  What was going on for you then? Have you become stuck in any way, resisting change? What shifts can you see that need to take place to keep you moving forward? 

This Eclipse is jacked up with energy as Moon at 16° Taurus will be exactly conjunct (same spot as) the planet Uranus. Uranus is the "Awakener" Planet, shaking things up to wake us up out of our slumber. Uranus  brings an element of surprise to this Eclipse, reminding us to expect the unexpected. It  brings a force of energy to re-set, re-calibrate, inviting us to Wake up to WHAT WE TRULY VALUE!! 

This week's Eclipse forms a T-Square to the Planet Saturn. Saturn joins in on this Eclipse Party by pointing out to us WHERE we need to pull up our socks, put in more effort, harness more discipline and be more responsible.  What "effort" can you make to show up more for yourself?  This Eclipse is full of hard aspects, which may feel like we are being broken down- but it is giving us EXACTLY what we need to BREAK THROUGH!  

With Mars Stationing Retrograde right in the middle of these 2 Potent Eclipses, it can feel a little topsy turvy.  Lots of energy twirling around us and within each of our own Essences.  The Cosmos is hyper charged with energy to assist us in making necessary adjustments, re-alignments so we are better able to Up-level our Souls and our lives with greater Ease. Trust the Chaos, Trust the Endings and break-downs. Surrender the need to "Know" what is ahead and "When" it will improve. Grieve your losses, accept change, make necessary adjustments, embrace JOY and Celebrate your Successes. By mid-November, the Cosmic energy softens, offering us more gentle support to move along our Soul's Path with Ease. 

Starwatchers alert: All of Western North America will have a view of this Eclipse, check out here to see your time and view. 

"As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being." CARL JUNG - Taurus Moon

Sending Love, Peace & Bliss!!
Donna xo

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