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The Moon Report

Full Moon ~16° Virgo
March 7th, 4:40  am PT

Saturn Enters Pisces

March 7th
Jupiter Conjunct Chiron
March 11th
Mars Square Neptune
March 14th
Sun Enters Aries
Vernal Equinox!!
March 20, 2023, 2:24 pm

All Planets Moving Forward!!!
Jan 23rd - April 21st, 2023


The Pisces Energy Continues to Dominate the Cosmos~
Reminding Us to Spend More Time in the Essence of Simply BEING...
& Less Focused on DOING. 

For some of us (Me!!) it has been a little harsher than a "reminder". Our physical bodies and/or minds are in the Neptune/Pisces fog~ struggling to "Do" as much as we would like to.  How do you judge yourself when you are less productive, not "Doing" very much?
Consider how our Western world values~

  • DOING vs. BEING 








Full Moons call us to bring more Balance in our lives, balancing our Head with our Heart, our Left & Right brain... our Productivity with our sense of Peace. Once a year, the Universe gifts us with a Virgo Full Moon, bringing out the hidden Inner Virgo in ALL of us! During a Full Moon, the Moon's energy is more powerful than the Sun.

Virgo's Spiritual task is to give us drive for improvement...
To focus on what can be done rather than what is out of our control.
To Remember that our Journey is about taking one Step at a time!

This week's Full Moon will shed a Light on any aspects of ourselves that are ready to be dissolved; any misidentifications, need for control, worry, irrational fears, expectations, judgments that hold us in suffering, need to be liked, power struggles, greed, envy, shame, distrust, limiting/outdated beliefs, misplaced goals, rigidness, righteous, entitlement, escapism, confusion, victimhood, addictions, confusion. The days following the Full Moon we have a number of Potent Aspects;

  1. March 7th, Saturn Enters Pisces after 2 1/2 years in Aquarius.  Saturn will be in Pisces for almost 3 years! The last time Saturn was in Pisces was 1994-95. What was going on in your life back then? Saturn in Pisces invites us to SURRENDER to the Cosmic Cycles. It calls us to Release any Resistance we have to getting to know our Soul.  Yep, Saturn in Pisces is deep stuff. Saturn in Pisces supports our Meditation practice, Breath-work, Healing Arts, creativity, music, astrology and our Intuition. 

  2. March 11th, Jupiter & Chiron meet in Conjunction (together). This happens every 14 years, the last time was May/July/December 2009.  What were you exploring in your life back then? Where are you contemplating taking a leap of Faith now?

  3. March 14-15, The Sun, Mercury & Neptune will all meet together at 24-25° Pisces, Squaring Mars at 25° Gemini!!  You don't need to understand Astrology terminology but please know this is a Powerful Aspect that will culminate The Grand Pisces Conjunction of 2022. This aspect will create a fog, low energy, confusion, weakened immune system~ positively it will enhance our creativity, connection to Divine and our Intuition. This is a potent "dissolving" aspect, almost magically dissolving unhealthy aspects of ourselves. Think of water being poured on Salt or water being thrown on the Wicked Witch of the West.  The Intention  of this transit was to encourage us all to relinquish our grip to control and Surrender to the Unfoldment. Surrender is about getting down on your knees, being vulnerable and TRUSTING the Cycles.

~What has brought you to your knees in the last 8 months?
~Are you willing to Surrender aspects of yourself that have been holding you in suffering?
~Have you felt weaker, more fatigue, stressed Immune system?
~In what ways can you simplify your life, find space to recharge and experience more Joy?

This week we have an opportunity to clear some shadow Pisces/Virgo patterns that have been holding us back. As we are moving OUT of the Age of Pisces, this clearing has more than just personal appeal, it is an opportunity for Collective Clearing and Healing of Patterns like; negative thinking, overly judgmental, hard on Self, sacrificing Self for others, Self-sabotage, escapism, addictions, feeling separate, confusion, disillusionment, fears, ungrounded, hyper-sensitive, paranoid, victimhood, overwhelm, control and procrastination. 

On March 20th at 2:24 pm, the Sun will move into the sign of Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, marking an Astrological New Year and a significant time for New Beginnings!  This also marks the time of the Equinox, the first day of Spring for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere!  Equinox's act as energetic portals as the Sun aligns with the Earth's equator, creating a reduction of energy in the Earth's magnetic field. This "interruption" of energy creates a greater opening to Higher dimensions (Cosmic downloads) during the days around the Equinox.  Hence the day before and after the Equinox we have a perfect opportunity to set new intentions, meditate, pray or do any Spiritual growth work.  March 18th - March 22nd are extra potent, extra powerful times for ceremonies, meditation, prayer and cosmic guidance!!!!

The over-arching message from the Stars over the next 2 weeks is TO "DO" LESS!!
Rather than being drained by negative and Self-sabotaging thoughts, choose to; 

  • Breathe

  • Meditate

  • Pray 

  • REST!! 

  • BE!!!

Trust the Cycles.
Trust, rather than buy into the illusion of control.
Trust the Unknown.
Trust that we ARE Evolving. 

"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain!" DOLLY PARTON~ Virgo Moon

Donna xo

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