The Moon Report

Virgo Full Moon!
Saturday February 27th, 12:17 am PT

All Planets Moving Forward!! 
February 20th - April 27th

"What drains your Spirit drains your body.
What fuels your body, fuels your Spirit." 

Caroline Myss
Saturday's Full Moon brings attention to the Power of our Connection to our

Body, Mind & Spirit!
~~ ~~ 

A Virgo Full Moon, known as the "Healer Moon" forms early Saturday morning.  During a Full Moon, the Moon's energy is more powerful than the Sun. Once a year, the Universe gifts us with a Virgo Full Moon, bringing out the hidden Inner Virgo in ALL of us! Virgo's Spiritual task is to give us drive for improvement, to focus on what can be done rather than what is out of our control.

The Stars this week bring attention to the Universal Law of Vibration, reminding us that our thoughts, feelings and actions that we choose hold a vibrational energy.  The Universal Law of Vibration states that everything vibrates at a particular frequency, including our words, actions and feelings.  When we vibrate at a low frequency we attract lower energy frequencies to us.  Sometimes we have outer experiences that we cannot control that lower our vibration; illness, loss and trauma.  Most often however, we lower our vibration by choices we make; poor diet, lack of exercise, not enough sleep, self-neglect, negative speech/words & thoughts, judgments, blame, shame, guilt, lying, lying to ourselves, too much social media, news, negative friends, hate, fear, expectations, codependency and COMPLAINING

How to Raise your Vibration:

  • Eating Whole, Vital Foods

  • Rest, Sleep 

  • Laughing, Smiling

  • Positive thoughts, words, affirmations (yes- brainwashing works!)

  • Creative Expression- Listening to Music

  • Opening your Heart - Trusting - Sharing Love

  • Acts of Kindness- Giving- Service

  • Meditation - Breathwork

  • Time in Nature

  • Prayer


Mercury Stationed Direct (forward) on February 20th, however it will not pick up to full speed for another week. This past month Mercury Retrograde gave us an opportunity to reassess our relationship to the media, social media, friends, groups, our community and technology. How do technology, media and social media affect your energy levels, your mood and your well-being? How has negative thinking and worry affected your health? Who do you spend time with that raises your vibration, lifts you?  Who sucks your energy? 

Full Moons occur when the Moon is directly opposite the Sun, reminding us that life is about balance.  With the Moon in Virgo and the Sun in Pisces we are learning to balance the Mind and the Heart, Discernment with Compassion... our Intellect with our Intuition.  This weekend's Full Moon pulls us between the chaos and cloudiness of Pisces and the order and perfectionism of Virgo. Rather than focusing on being "perfect", Virgo in its highest octave calls us to become WHOLE once again... to connect our Mind, our Body and our Spirit.  We are being encouraged to Trust rather than buy into the illusion of control.

Choose to Discern rather than Dis-trust!

We ARE evolving... We are moving forward. This weekend's Virgo Moon highlights to us- to Trust that our circumstances ARE improving. It reminds us that despite the challenges we are experiencing right now, we have what it takes to work through them.  The Cosmic forces over this next week invite us to strategize and take action steps to improvement. By simply raising your own vibration a notch, you can raise the vibration of everything and everyone around you.  Eat fresh, vital foods, smile, be kind to yourself & others, take slow- conscious breaths, get outdoors, be thankful for 3 things everyday... say a Prayer.

Look for opportunities for improvement! 

The planets are now all moving forward (February 20 - April 27)!  This will be the last forward momentum we will get until 2022.  Now is the time to improve, move forward, take a leap, to get things done... to Visualize your dreams and Manifest!! 

"However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. Don't be disabled in Spirit as well as physically." Stephen Hawking - Virgo Moon

Many Blessings to Your Year Ahead!!
Donna xo

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