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The Moon Report

Virgo New Moon!
Saturday August  27, 1:17 am PT

Mercury Retrograde
Sept 9 - Oct 2 
~~ ~~ 

"One, remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet.
Two, never give up work. Work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it.
Three, if you are lucky enough to find love, remember it is there and don't throw it away."

We are moving through an exceptional time in history where the speed of evolution and change has been taken up a notch. The accelerated pace makes it hard for many of us to keep up and adapt with it. It is hard to not be discouraged by the "dismantling" phase of evolution- and get stuck on focusing on this part. We must remind ourselves that this is part of the Natural Law of Cycles, Endings invites New Beginnings, we must inhale before we exhale, Death before Re-Birth and often we need to "break down" so we can put things back together differently. 

And of course the Universe is supporting us in breaking through to the next level! New Moons are typically a quieter time in the Lunar Calendar... but not recently! The last few New Moons have had some intensity to them with significant Square Aspects.  "Squares" are when Planets meet at 90 degrees.  Squares invite change. We all want change, but fear the unknown that goes along with it. When we resist the invited change we are sure to experience challenges and chaos.  This weekend's New Moon at 4° Virgo forms an exact Square to Mars at 4° Gemini.  The Moon Rules our Emotions and is linked to the Home, Safety and Mothers. Mars Rules our Physical energy and is linked to our Anger, Assertion and Will Power.  This combination can bring to the surface; impatience, agitation, anger and temper tantrums.  Be sure to have a healthy outlet to vent this weekend; journaling, free form writing, physical exercise. 

  • Notice what feelings are present for you. 

  • Where is your life out of balance?

  • Do you have a healthy outlet to move emotions and upset (particularly anger)?

With the Sun and Moon in Virgo right now, we feel more confident in our capacity to tackle anything!! The Virgin is the symbol for the sign Virgo.  The Latin root of the word Virgin means; STRENGTH, FORCE & SKILL. Virgo is the Sign most associated with Health and Healing with our Spiritual Task being to Master Improvement via the Connection between Mind-Body-Spirit.

Virgo's challenge is to strive for improvement without the anxious energy of a perfectionism and control. 

With the Moon at 4° Virgo we are reminded that we can dissolve fear by engaging in our Inner Mystic. Most of us tend to focus our Health improvement on the Physical and Mental plane; diet, exercise, sleep habits, mindfulness, talk therapy, affirmations. In fact we have become a society obsessed on Physical & Mental Health; books, diets, supplements, exercise fads, therapies and medications.  We have also become a society that is Spiritually malnourished.  Without Spiritual Well Being, we are limited in our potential for Optimal Physical and Mental Health.  It is the Ultimate trifecta after all!!

What does poor Spiritual Health look like?

  • Excessive Anxiety- Paranoid

  • Control Addict

  • Self-Sabotage, chaos

  • Disillusioned- confused, not knowing what to  do

  • Excessive time in Addictive & Escapist behaviors

  • Always busy (working/socializing)

  • Recluse, shutting down

  • Doubt, Distrust, Hopelessness

Our Organic Design is such that we are OPEN TO RECIEVING GUIDANCE.  A great deal of our anxiety comes from NOT listening to our Inner Guidance. Ways to enhance your Spiritual Health & engage with your Inner Mystic:

  • Spend more time in Silence- Prayer, Meditation

  • Spend more time in the PRESENT- The Soul loses Power in the Past and Future

  • Read Spiritual Books, practicing Kindness & Compassion

  • Get out in Nature; it is very humbling even watching the Sun Rise as it reminds us of the Greater Power and Forces out there beyond our Knowing and Control.

  • CREATE!! Whether you paint, sing, play an instrument or dance. Do what Inspires you and brings you JOY!

  • Learn a Symbolic Language- so you can communicate more easily with your Soul (Astrology, Chakras, Numerology, Study Angels, Animal Symbolism, Dreams)

  • Engage in your Imagination, your Visionary Mind, Dream! (Write/Vision-board/Dream journal)

Retrogrades & Mercury Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde in Libra; Sept 9th - Oct 2nd (Shadow 08/21-10/16)
On September 9th, Mercury Stations Retrograde joining Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto!! That is a lot of Retrograde Motion in the Stars, pulling us back and slowing us down. Mercury Retrograde Cycles are not simply about mishaps and frustrations with technology, they are potent times when we are invited to slow down and engage more actively in our Right Brain (the Creative, Imaginative, Intuitive side).  Mercury is in Retrograde close to 20% of the time, happening 3 times a year.  During these Cycles, Mercury (the Messenger Planet), slows us down, encouraging us to listen to our Inner Voice, our Intuition & our Guides.  With Mercury in Libra, we are sure to see clearly where we are out of balance. Watch for messages on where you need more balance and equality in your relationships. 

Allow this Virgo New Moon to bring you into the present moment.... to connect with the Universe, Yourself and the Earth below you! Remind yourself that you DO make a difference!!

Sending Love, Peace & Bliss!!
Donna xo

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