The Moon Report

Virgo New Moon!
Sunday September 6th, 5:51 pm PT
Pisces Full Moon!!
Monday September 20th, 4:54 pm PT

Libra Equinox
Sept. 22, 2021 at 12:20 pm PT
Mercury Retrograde!
Sept. 26 - Oct. 18
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 As much as we are able to Create Ill Health with Stress (our minds)...
We can Equally Heal Ourselves & Create Optimal Health!!!
Sunday's Virgo New Moon reminds us that Our
Mind, Body & Spirit are not Separate...
They MUST stay connected!!

As the Earth travels around the Sun, we travel through each sign of the Zodiac.  The word Zodiac comes from Greek origin (Zoe- "life" & Dia- "pathway/through") meaning, "Pathway through Life".  Astrology reminds us that we are all connected yet unique.  It reminds us that we are not alone in our thoughts, feelings or experiences.  As we all collectively move through the sign of Virgo, we all have an opportunity to experience the Inner Power we each have in connecting our Mind, Body & Spirit.


New Moons encourage us to pause and come back to the present moment. 

We are living in a time where the pace of life has accelerated beyond our adaptability. We are seeing `more anxiety, mental health issues and mysterious autoimmune diseases than ever before! Technology is wonderful but it is the major player in our information overload and our experience of `overwhelm. So much of our energy gets pulled into the future and for the last year and a half many of us have wasted a great deal of energy being concerned and frustrated by the UNKOWN of our future.  All the while, we lug around our past; memories, nostalgia, regrets, stories, wounds, sorrow, blame, shame and anger. Being in the present moment increases our vibration, our strength and our ability to heal.

 ~Our Soul is a natural healing agent. ~

However, when we are living in the past or in the future, we disconnect from our Soul, decreasing its healing power. The Virgin is the symbol associated with the sign Virgo.  In Pre-Christian times, the Virgin symbolized “completeness", referring to the integration of the body and Soul, the head and the Heart.  The sign of Virgo is most concerned with “wholeness” Virgo reminds us of the connection between the Body, Mind and Spirit.  Healing happens in "wholeness", we are not meant to separate from our Body or our Spirit.  New and Full Moons are powerful times for us to become aware of the patterns that need to be neutralized and highlight to us the disowned pieces we need to re-engage in once again... bringing us back to "wholeness".

With the Sun, Moon and Mars in Virgo this week we are all feeling the Virgo energy.  The Spiritual task of Virgo is to encourage Self-improvement.  Virgo's challenge is to strive for improvement without the anxious energy of a perfectionism and control. Virgo reminds us to think with discernment rather than critically and to constantly strive for improvement without being a compulsive perfectionist. Notice when anxiety and/or perfectionism holds you back. When we focus with the intention of perfection, we set ourselves up to procrastinate and HUMBLENESS & HUMILITY are the antidote to perfectionism, control, anxiousness and much of our suffering.  Think of ways you can embrace more Humbleness in your life. (See Stephen Hawkins quote below.)

When Reflecting and Setting Intentions with this New Moon consider:
~What makes you feel "whole"?  What are some ways you can take back dismembered parts of yourself?
~Are there emotions you need to release? What are you feeding your mind?
~How can you improve your physical health, your thoughts and your Spiritual well-being? 
~What tasks have you been putting off? 
~What do you need to do to be your Optimal Self? 
~How can you engage in the Quality of Humbleness? Affirmations? Prayer? Looking at the Stars at Night? METTA Meditation!!
~How do you feed your Spirit? Prayer, meditation, being in nature?

The Moon this weekend is opposing Neptune, heightening our sensitivity, imagination and intuition. This opposition brings up feelings of fear, discouragement and disillusionment- these feelings can be enhanced by our outer environment and the onslaught of tragic news events going on in the world. Because of this increased sensitivity we will also be more prone to escape and experience greater sensitivity to foods, drugs and alcohol.  Using this energy in a positive way, this is an optimal time to break new ground with ideas, to create, write, reflect, meditate and receive intuitive messages from your dreams. This energy will continue (Sept. 8-19) as the Sun will then be opposing Neptune. 

New Moons direct us to go inward, reflect, listen, re-charge and re-set. New Beginnings and reboots are easier under the energy of a New Moon. With so much going on in the world right now, many of us feel frustrated, helpless and anxious. Focus on what you CAN do. Raising YOUR vibration raises the vibration around you... eat high vibration foods, take deep conscious breaths, appreciate the awe of nature around you, meditate, pray, stop and talk to a neighbor, listen with your something kind for YOURSELF!  Allow this Virgo New Moon to bring you into the present moment.... to connect with the Universe, Yourself and the Earth below you!

"We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star But we CAN understand the Universe. That makes us something very special." STEPHAN HAWKINGS- Virgo Moon

(Spirit Rock Monday METTA )

Donna xo

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