The Moon Report

Virgo Super New Moon!!
Friday August  30th- 3:37 am PDT

Sun in Virgo
August 23rd  - September 22nd

Friday's Super New Moon brings our attention to HEALTH & HEALING!
It reminds us that our
Mind, Body & Spirit are not separate...
They MUST stay connected!!"

New Moons encourage us to pause and come back to the present moment.  So much of our energy gets pulled into the future as we are constantly planning ahead, dreaming of the future and more commonly, going into overwhelm and worrying about the future.  All the while, we lug around our past; memories, nostalgia, regrets, stories, wounds, sorrow, blame, shame and anger. Being in the present moment increases our vibration, our strength and our ability to heal.

~Our Soul is a natural healing agent. ~

However, when we are living in the past or in the future, we disconnect from our Soul, decreasing its healing power. The Virgin is the symbol associated with the sign Virgo.  In Pre-Christian times, the Virgin symbolized “completeness", referring to the integration of the body and Soul, the head and the Heart.  The sign of Virgo is most concerned with “wholeness” Virgo reminds us of the connection between the Body, Mind and Spirit.  Healing happens in "wholeness", we are not meant to separate from our Body or our Spirit. 

Every 29 days, the Sun and Moon meet in the exact same degrees of alignment, creating a shadow so we cannot see the Moon.  This is what we call a New Moon.  The New Moon is the first phase of 8 phases of the Moon's cycles.  It marks a new cycle and a New Beginning.  New Moons direct us to go inward and take inventory of our lives, encouraging us to acknowledge and harvest our talents as well as release what is no longer in line with our Soul's Intention. New Beginnings and reboots are easier under the energy of a New Moon.  Friday's New Moon is the 2nd of 3 Super New Moons in a row.  A "Super" or otherwise known as a Perigee Moon, is a New or Full Moon that is significantly closer to the Earth.  This close proximity intensifies the gravitational pulls on both the Earth and our emotional bodies.  During Super Moons the ocean's tides will be even more extreme.  On a personal level, notice how your physical energy and moods peak and fall as well. 

During this New Moon, the planet Mars is conjunct (in same position as) the Sun and Moon which can further escalate our moods. This aspect will bring attention to how we manage our anger.  Some of us will feel a great need to Vent this week as the Mars and Moon combo "excites" our emotions.  On the other hand, this excitement, frustration and possible anger can be just what we need to move into action. Unexpressed courage often manifests into frustration and anger.  If you are feeling frustrated this week, look for the Courage underneath.  Harness this Courage to take you into the action- to get moving in the direction you know deep down you are meant to be heading.  What tasks have you been putting off?  What steps have you been avoiding?  What do you need to do to be your best Self?

This week the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are all in Virgo bringing us an abundance of Virgo energy!!!  The task of Virgo is to encourage Self-improvement.  The challenge is to strive for improvement without the energy of a compulsive perfectionist. Virgo reminds us to think with discernment rather than critically and to constantly strive for improvement without being a compulsive perfectionist.  When we focus with the intention of perfection, we set ourselves up to procrastinate and  Right now with this strong Virgo energy, we can more easily see and correct any imbalances we may have between our Mind, Body and Spirit.  Our bodies are great a source of our intuition.  What is your body telling you?  How can your mind better serve you?  What improvements do you need to make in your life?

All of these planets in Virgo brings our attention to wellness, health and nutrition.  We get one Virgo New Moon a year and it is the most powerful time of the year to set Intentions around your health.  Now is the best time to begin a meditation practice, to get back into an exercise routine, sign up for yoga, organize your home and clean out your body. How can you commit to honoring your Physical Body and your Spiritual Being?  If you are ready for a nutrition upgrade or cleanse, check out the Ultimate Cleansing Angels for guidance...
With so much going on in the world right now, many of us feel frustrated, helpless and anxious. Focus on what you CAN do. Raising YOUR vibration raises the vibration around you.  Allow this Virgo New Moon to bring you into the present moment. Take deep conscious breaths, appreciate the awe of nature around you, stop and talk to a neighbor, listen with your something kind for YOURSELF!!

"There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self." Aldos Huxley

Lots of Love and Light Your Way!

Donna xo

 Donna Flood MA
Astrology and Spiritual Counseling

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