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Cancer Full Moon!!
Tuesday December 29th, 7:28 pm PT
Saturn in Aquarius

Dec.16th 2020 - Mar. 8, 2023
Jupiter in Aquarius
Dec. 19, 2020 -  Dec. 30, 2021

Tuesday's Cancer Full Moon Ushers in Closure to a Year, a Decade... and an Era!! 
It invites us to reflect on 2020,
As its Light will Marshal us into the Year 2021.

~~ ~~ 

The New Year begins with the most FEELING Full Moon of the year!  We learn and grow from the inside out. As uncomfortable as feelings can be- they are a necessary part of our human growth and evolution.  The Moon rules the sign of Cancer and they both rule our emotions... hence a Cancer Full Moon is sure to bring Light to any unresolved feelings we need to look at. Indeed this Moon will remind us of any setbacks and upsets we have experienced this last year. All Cancer Moons intend for us to learn from our feelings and our past, but NOT to carry our past and our past feelings around with us. In other words, this Moon will bring our awareness to the extra weight and baggage we are carrying around with us and to the price we pay for continuing to carry it. 

The Stars this week have already amped up our senses, and now we are adding a Full Moon to this energy!?!... Well, let's just say you may feel extra vulnerable, anxious, intuitive, aware, awake, creative and "Loony". The week begins with the planet Uranus meeting up with the Asteroid Pallas, bringing our awareness to the void we are living in right now, the void between the past and the future.  All of this energy can leave us feeling anxious about taking that necessary leap forward rather than remaining stuck in the void.  It's all a matter of carefully managing this sensitivity in order to gain the gifts (creative, intuitive, healing) it brings.  Breath-work, meditation, prayer, journaling, time alone, time in nature, reflecting, resting and nurturing yourself will all be helpful for this.  These practices bring us power as they open us up to experiencing the present moment, rather than feeling like we are stuck in a void.

As we prepare for a New Year,
We continue to ride the wake of 2 Eclipses & a month of fired up Celestial energy!!
This is exactly what we all need to shake us out of this strange void.

2019 and 2020 brought us a great deal of Capricorn energy and some heavy hitting, history making Celestial Transits!  The intention of this energy was to encourage development of healthy responsibility, maturity, integrity and resilience.  We were shown where "we" (personally & globally) are losing power and energy.  We have been forced to slow down, simplify and re-evaluate our values. This Great Capricorn Conjunction that happened was meant to free us from old and outdated structures; political, educational, economic, health, social and environmental.  Unfortunately, the "breaking free" process rarely feels like freedom initially.  It has felt more like a dictatorship- like we have had many freedoms taken away. 

Trust the Cycles... 
The tides are turning, the energy is shifting & 
Alas, we ARE beginning a New Cycle!

On December 21st, Jupiter and Saturn met at 0 degrees Aquarius ensuring that we will begin a year with newly dominating Aquarius energy.  Aquarius is the Archetype of Freedom, of Higher Consciousness, of Connectiveness, and of Progression.  It invites our Hearts to open, without attachment.  

Tuesday's Full Moon highlights to us our over-attachment to the past.  As we approach the New Year, consider what you want to bring with you.  What are you willing to let go of?  With less weight holding us back we can leap into 2021!

To find out more about what to expect in 2021, please join me January 12th for my Annual Astrology Update.  Intention Workshop & Forecast info below.

"Tomorrow never happens.  It's all the same fucking day, man. You can destroy your now, by worrying about tomorrow."  Janis Joplin (Born with Cancer Full Moon)

Many Blessings to Your Year Ahead!!
Donna xo

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