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Pisces transits~ 
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Working with the universal forces this year!!

2020 Saturn-pluto opposition!

Where are you losing power?!
Here is what you need to know to work with the Stars over the next 6 months...
In 6 months from now (January 12, 2020) the planets Saturn and Pluto will meet up in the exact same position (22 degrees Capricorn), an anticipated transit Astrologers have been talking about for a few years. Historically, when these 2 planets come together there is a collapse of power leading to an eventual redistribution of power. This transit will test our integrity and bring to us a significant SHIFT IN POWER both personally and globally!!
The planet Pluto is about power and transformation. Whenever Pluto is involved in a transit you can expect change. Pluto is the Archetype of Death and Rebirth. Pluto is known as the Destroyer and does his work by first breaking down (destroying) in order to encourage new growth.  Saturn on the other hand is the planet of structure, restructure, foundations, work, integrity and responsibility. When these 2 planets meet together we can expect change, restructuring and a shift in power.  Their cycle is characterized by polarization which feels like we are going backwards.  However, trust that this polarization is necessary in the process of paving the way for new social order. Historically this has been a challenging aspect, but also historically, has given us perseverance and strength to go up against the odds. 
Every 18-19 years the planets Saturn and Pluto meet up in Conjunction (same position) or Opposition (opposite one another). They are slower moving planets making their aspects karmic in nature.  These cycles of conjunction and opposition are characterized by polarization, purging and changes in power.  Depending on what signs these planets are in and what other planets are involved in the aspect, Astrologers like to predict what their next meet up will bring.  Below I have highlighted the Saturn and Pluto cycles of the last century. 
  • Conjunction 1914 ~ Beg. of WW1
  • Opposition 1931~ Beg. of Depression
  • Conjunction 1947~ Beg. of Cold War
  • Opposition 1965-66 ~ Revolution/Polarization?Civil Rights Movement
  • Conjunction 1982 ~ Isreal invades Lebanon, Iran-Iraq War, Aids Epidemic rises.
  • Opposition August, 2001 ~ 9-11
  • Conjunction January 12, 2020~ ??
I have only highlighted the major events of each of these cycles however, looking back there was so much more going on.  In 1982, the last time Pluto and Saturn met in conjunction it was not just the First Gulf War, the UK invaded Argentina (Falkland War), CNN (which began in 1980) became a News Powerhouse with its 24-7 news coverage.  On June 30, 1982 the Equal Rights Amendment was up for ratification and failed.  So what is predicted for 2020?  Government break-down and reform?  Will Brexit happen? Major climate events (the asteroid Ceres-Mother Earth protector is also in this conjunction)? 
What I do know is that we are following the past patterns of this cycle.  Looking back at the dates you can see that the years prior to the Pluto-Saturn aspect we have seen polarization… and we have already been experiencing polarization the last few years here in America, in Canada and in Europe.  The next stage of the cycle is PURGING, peeling back the layers, the letting go, the destruction of the old, outlived structures and belief systems.  Then we have CHANGE-TRANSFORMATION, A REDISTRIBUTION OF POWER and GROWTH!!
Yes, this is a Big, Huge, Karmic, Global Transit but it also has a powerful impact on each of us on a personal level. Depending on your chart this Saturn-Pluto transit will bring change and a shift in power to each of us in a specific area in our lives.  Because these are slower moving planets, this is a long transit.  We entered the window of it January 2019 and will continue to feel it until January 2021. The energy from the impending Conjunction in Capricorn is inviting us all to pull up our socks, harness responsibility for our choices, to display our highest integrity and to be the parent to ourselves that we need. The Eclipses this year are our greatest indicator of how this Saturn-Pluto transit is affecting us on a personal level. 4 out of 5 of the Eclipses this year are happening in the Cancer-Capricorn axis giving us clues to where we have been leaking power, what we need to let go of, where we are ready for a change and where we are ready to engage our new found power. 
  • What was going on in your life in January during our Eclipses? (Jan.6 & Jan.20)
  • Looking back the past year or so, where have you been losing power?
  • Where have you been investing your energy that no longer serves you? *worry*people pleasing*holdingback*creativeblocks*escapism*codependent-relationships*
  • Are you prepared for a shift in personal power?
We have 2 Eclipses coming up!  July 2nd is a Total New Moon Solar Eclipse & July 16th we will have a Partial Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  Eclipses mark a time of significant endings and new beginnings, they accelerate our process, they bring change… they stir the pot!  Most definitely, they are a very exciting time!
We all are aware of and understand the cycles of the Earth. We understand the seasons; spring, summer, autumn and winter.  We know when to plant in our garden, when to harvest, when to prune and when to buy a coat :)!  It is beneficial for us to work with these cycles.  It is also beneficial to understand the Universal cycles and forces of the Cosmos.  These forces are far greater than we can control but we CAN work with them consciously to bring greater ease into our lives. Resisting these changes, trying to be in control... you will get knocked down and find yourself in fateful situations.
Open your wings to the winds of change coming your way, allow the powerful energy of these Eclipses to carry you toward your Destiny!!
For more details on the upcoming Eclipses be sure to read my Moon Reports.  If you are not already receiving, sign up for my Moon Report list at;
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