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Donna Flood

Understanding WHO you are, acknowledging who you are and expressing your Innate Qualities is what gives you CLARITY, CONFIDENCE & HEIGHTENED INTUITION!  Truly “knowing” yourself is what gives you POWER!  Astrology is a wonderful tool, a cheat sheet really in Self-Discovery.


You can arrange to meet Donna privately, remotely or join her in various Astrology & personal growth workshops and Retreats around the globe. Donna provides Counseling services in the field of personal development, namely, self-improvement, and self-fulfillment.

Donna draws on her knowledge, education, and experience in health, psychology, Archetypes and Astrology to intuitively assist her clients on their Spiritual journey towards an overall happier and healthier life.


She has a Bachelor's degree in Human Kinetics, a Master's Degree in Spiritual Psychology, she is a Certified Archetype Consultant with Caroline Myss( and has spent the last 25 years studying and practicing Astrology throughout North America. 

Donna currently lives in Southern California after moving from Vancouver, Canada with her husband and 3 daughters over 20 years ago.  



I began to study Astrology in the summer of 1994 after the birth of my first daughter (I have 3!).  She was born on July 23rd, the first day of Leo.  All I knew about Leo’s at that point in my life is that I did not have any Leo friends.  How would I parent a Leo child? Would we get along?  So I did some research.  I discovered that children are more like their Moon Sign than their Sun Sign. 


And so it all began.  


I signed myself up to study under Rose Marcus, who ran the Evolutionary School of Astrology in Canada.  Studying Astrology gave me insight into parenting, to myself, to all my relationships and to how we are all connected.  Doing my graduate studies in Spiritual Psychology culminated all of my studies and practices in the healing of the Body, Mind, and Spirit.  Since then my Astrology Readings have become deeper, connecting with each client on a Soul level, understanding how each of us has our own unique struggles with being human.  I have a plethora of tools to assist you in connecting with your Soul, finding your path and functioning on Earth in a healthy way all at the same time!  


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