Astrological Chart Readings

Astrology Birth Chart Reading - Sheds light on the many layers of your conscious self and soul's purpose. this is a personalized, handcrafted reading - not a generic computer report. 


Who are you?

A Natal Chart Reading gives you Insight to who your Soul chose to be in this life.

This chart reading includes an 8-10 page personalized written report.  This written Reading gives detailed descriptions to your qualities, gifts, needs, Soul lessons and purpose.

Adult Natal Chart Reading


With this upgraded package you receive the Adult Natal Chart Reading, a 90 minute follow up consultation which I highly recommend to review the written report, it helps to clarify and anchor in the reading.

Adult Natal Chart Reading Upgrade 


This chart reading includes the written Adult Natal Chart Reading & a 90 minute follow up a consultation as well as upcoming transits with crystal recommendations.

The Deluxe Reading 


This chart reading includes a 5-6 page personalized written report.

Child Natal Chart Reading


With this chart reading, you will receive 2 adult written reports, 1 relationship report, and a 90 minute follow up counseling session.

Relationship Chart Reading 


Thinking of moving? Find out what cosmic energies work with you around the Globe.



Spiritual Counseling &

Private Group Classes


Spiritual counseling will assist you working through any challenges in your life, learning many tools that will give you the power to work through future challenges on your own. 


You will also receive astrology updates, and learn how to work with the Universe and its flow.

Spiritual Counseling

2-3 Hour Private Astrology classes. Perfect for birthdays, ladies night, couples, and corporate gatherings. 

Private Classes


A 45 minute session using tarot cards, channeling and Intuition as guidance in a particular area in your life.

Tarot Card Reading


Includes Natal Chart Reading, year transits, crystal prescription (according to your planets) and 4 90 minutes sessions.

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