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 Who Are You!?!

We are not born knowing who we are!

Getting to know your true Self is the most powerful thing you can do! 
Discover Your Soul Contract Through Astrology!

Dissect YOUR Chart & Learn about others!

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  • Tuesday October 20th, 4-6 pm  (PT) SATURN & 2020.  Since Dec. 2017 Saturn has been in the sign of Capricorn, leading up to its big conjunction to Pluto in January of 2020.  YES, SATURN HAS A MESSAGE FOR US ALL!!  Find out what that global message is, learn about Saturn's energy, its cycles, what is a SATURN RETURN and how engage positively with these cycles rather than be beaten down.  

  • Tuesday October 27th, 4-6 pm (PT)  SATURN IN YOUR CHART!:  Saturn is our Spiritual Teacher, our Lesson planner, our taskmaster.  Where Saturn is in your chart show where you will feel limited, be challenged, where you may experience fear and most importantly... WHERE YOU HAVE OPTIMAL POTENTIAL FOR SUCCESS!!  Our Saturn transits work to keep our Soul's evolution on track!!  Find out more about what your Saturn lessons are, what is your potential, and what to expect around the time of your SATURN RETURN!

  • Tuesday November 10th, 4-6 pm (PT)  PLUTO:  Pluto is the planet most associated with change and growth.  Pluto works by first breaking down, destroying, to make room to invite new growth.  Pluto rules the sign Scorpio and even though is the smallest planet in our Solar System, is often the most feared.  Where Pluto is in your chart gives insight to what emotional patterns your Soul desires to work on in this life.  

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