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Annual Intention Workshop!!

{This year we are offering different price package options.  Our workshop will be offered via Zoom this year so we split it to 2 days. We will record each one. If you choose to have a Personal 2021 Forecast, I will need your birth info.}

Sign up for Workshop- 2 Classes $30

Personal 2021 Written Forecast - $100



 Personal 2021 Written Forecast + 1hr Private Zoom - $175

    2021 ASTROLOGY FORECAST WITH DONNA!  Begin your New Year with a Celestial Update of the major transits and energy shifts we can expect in 2021.  I will briefly review the transits that brought us 2020 and will lead us into 2021.  We begin our New Year with new Aquarian energy which will bring us exactly what we need after over 2 years of heavy Capricorn energy.  Reviewing the coming Celestial Activity  begins the Seed Planting of the Intention process- it allows us to see where we would like to choose to focus our energy. Handouts and Zoom link will be emailed to you day before each class. 

  • Sunday January 17th, 11am- 1pm (PT)  PART 2
    INTENTION SETTING PROCESS WITH MICHELLE LEE!  Whether you are setting intentions for the day or for the year, it gives you purpose, it gives you confidence and it gives you direction.  Intentions begin as thoughts and ideas, they are seeds that we plant in our mind that along with some action steps allow us to achieve everything from simple daily tasks to our heartfelt dreams.  So in reality…what you are thinking is what you are praying for!!!  You must begin your year with clear Intentions!​​

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** For the Astrology Classes, I will need your birth info ahead of time. 

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