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ALL LEVEL SERIES (4 classes)-
4 Class Series-$120


Or Single Class- $35




  • Tuesday October 11th, 6:30-8 pm (PT)  THE MYSTIC, THE VICTIM & THE ADDICT. Review of Major 2022 Transits & how they have activated our Mystic, Victim & Addict Archetypes:  On April 12th, 2022 Jupiter & Neptune met at 24°Pisces heightening our sensitivity- opening doors to our Inner Mystic as well as our Inner Addict & Victim.  We will explore these 3 Archetypes & look at ways to work with this transit to benefit us rather than be overcome by it. 


  • Tuesday October 18th, 6:30-8 pm (PT)  MARS CLASS: Mars gives us courage to assert ourselves, standup for ourselves and our rights. Proper channeling of this assertive energy can assist us in manifesting our greatest dreams. Depressing our Mars function affects our physical health (adrenal glands, muscular system, hemogloben and depression). Find out where Mars is in your chart. We will explore Mars through all 12 signs. 

  • Tuesday October 25th, 6:30-8 pm (PT)  SCORPIO SOLAR ECLIPSE CLASS:  Join me on the evening of this potent Eclipse!  Gain insight to the energy & changes this Eclipse will bring to us globally as well as where this Eclipse will be in YOUR CHART! Each participant will recieve a Reflection worksheet specific to their own natal chart. We will end the class with a short healing meditation.


  • Tuesday November 1st, 6:30-8 pm (PT)  MARS RETROGRADE: Every 26 months Mars Stations Retrograde inviting us to observe ourselves in action.  During Mars Retrograde, our Soul seeks to Self-examine with regards to our desires, impulses and actions. Find out where Mars will be Retrograding in your chart & recieve Guidance on how to work with this signifcant Soul Growth Transit. 

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