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 Who Are You!?!

We are not born knowing who we are!

Getting to know your true Self is the most powerful thing you can do! 
Discover Your Soul Contract Through Astrology!

Dissect YOUR Chart & Learn about others!

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 4 Class Series - $100


** For the Astrology Classes, I will email you to comfirm which class & get your Birth Info. 


  • Tuesday May 26th 4-6 pm (PT)  SUN SIGNS with Light & Shadow:  Our Sun Sign highlights the poweful Solar Energy, the fire we recieve in our Spirit.  It spotlights our core Essence, our purpose, our qualities, our character and WHO we were born to become.  This class will also focus on the power of oppositions and the importance of weaving our Opposite sign into our identity.


  • Thursday May 28th 4-6pm (PT)  MOON SIGNS:  Many Astrologers believe our Moon Sign was our Sun Sign in our past life.  Our Moon sign highlights how we were as a child, our emotional needs and our ego driven behavior patterns.  EVERYONE needs to be aware of their emotional needs.


  • Tuesday June 2nd  4-6 pm (PT)  ASCENDANT SIGNS/RISING SIGNS: .Known as "the mask we wear", our Rising Sign carries vital information on understanding our Soul Contract. Expressing our Rising Sign is a key activation in getting to know your Soul on a deeper level.  It invites your Soul's Destiny to you!


  • Thursday June 4th 4-6pm (PT)  ECLIPSE CLASS: This class will focus on June 5th Lunar Eclipse.  Find out where this Eclipse is happening in your chart and where you are due for a Spiritual Upgrade and how to work witlh this energy.  Learn about all Eclipses and their effect on us personally and globally.


  • Tuesday June 9th 4-6 pm (PT)  VENUS:  The sign Venus was in when you were born reflects how you inwardly relate to yourself, how you treat yourself.  It shows us who we are attracted to and who is attracted to us.  With Venus still in Retrograde we are all experiencing Venus energy stronger.

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