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New Zoom Astrology Class!
~TRANSITIONS & Your Optimal Potential~

Saturn Transits & Saturn Return!!!
Single Classes + 60 min. Private Zoom- $150
~Or Choose~
Single Class- $45

Single Class Price for Under 30yr- $30

  • Tuesday May 21, 6:00- 7:30 pm (PT) SATURN CLASS! "Transits" are the moving planets around us. Each transit brings us an opportunity for movement & change. The Planet Saturn is our timekeeper. Saturn's Intention is that we reach our Optimal Potential. Saturn has a 29 year Cycle, bringing us significant transits every 7 years (1/4 turn). Whether you are going through a Saturn Return (age 27-31 or 57-61) or Saturn opposition (40-45) or the 7 year itch (one of Saturn's quarter turns), you will benefit from understanding the underlying message of these Soul Growth Transits. You will also learn about Saturn in YOUR chart~ where it challenges you & what can lead you to reaching your Optimal Potential.

  • May 22 - June 15  Private Zoom Session Schedule your 60 Zoom with me to go over the recent Transits in your chart and Saturn's message for you. 

Single Class- $45

Under 30 yr Class Price - $30

 Class + 1hr Private Zoom - $150


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