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The Moon Report


Neptune & Pisces Transits of 2022-23


Do not underestimate the Power of Pisces & Pisces transits!! Let me explain why we are all feeling the way we are feeling right now. Pisces is the sign most associated with Empathy~ feeling what others feel. Other Pisces themes; sensitivity, visionary, imagination, healing, kind, compassionate.  It is the 12th Sign of the Zodiac, the Sign of completion, the sign of “undoing” the ego…  You guessed it, undoing the Ego is not an easy task as we are all wired to survive.

On April 12, 2022 Jupiter & Neptune met in conjunction at exactly 24°Pisces. These 2 planets were in close to one another all year.  Jupiter (the Planet of expansion) is the traditional ruler of Pisces. Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces (after Neptune was discovered in 1846).  So meeting together in the Sign that they rule is a WHOLE lot of Pisces energy all of 2022! The last time these 2 Planets met together in Pisces was 1856. Many astrologers refer to it as a “high water mark transit”, meaning a whole lot of watery, sensitive energy.  Positively, this transit enhances our imagination, creativity, compassion, healing ability, intuition, Spirituality, visions, dreams and ability to manifest.  However, this sensitivity overload can also lead to; overwhelm, anxiousness, disillusionment, distrust, escapism, addiction, victimhood, self-pity, martyrdom and self-sabotage.

Because our sensitivity was so heightened last year, we felt all our feelings x 10! Excitement & wonderment x 10, as well as disappointment, fear & grief… x 10. And don’t forget, with Pisces energy, we are feeling other people’s feelings too. This is why, when you look back on your year, it may look pretty good on paper, but you feel like you have been through the wringer.

It is important to keep our vibration high and our emotional body clear in order to be in the best position to benefit from Pisces transits.  We are living through a super potent, and transitionary time in history.  It is exciting but also unnerving. Darkness has reached an alarming level~ the world needs each of us, the world needs more Light.  The Universe meets us where we are at. The Higher up the Spiritual ladder we go (brighter Light), the lower we must dig for shadowy roots. In other words, in order to up-level and shine our Light in this time of darkness, we must do some serious emotional and Spiritual housekeeping.  This means facing some very old, deeply buried fears, blocks, patterns and limiting beliefs. Yep, some Dark Night shit.

Some of you that have worked with me this year know that I have likened this transit to THE WIZARD OF OZ.  And not so coincidently, the author, L Frank Baum was born in 1856~ the last time we had Jupiter & Neptune together in Pisces. We are not done yet. 2023 continues to bring us strong Pisces energy with Saturn moving into Pisces for the first time in 29 years and Neptune will continue to transit through the sign of Pisces as well.

Dorothy’s Journey begins with Abandonment, not belonging, betrayal and a desire to escape. She dreams of being “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. She is lost and seeking a better life.  When landing in Oz, she experiences excitement, wonderment, joy and fear.  As she continues her journey she meets; the Good Witch, the Wicked Witch, Scarecrow, Tinman, Lion and the Wizard… all aspects of herself.  She must explore all these parts of herself, the Light & the shadow and reclaim these parts of herself.  Throughout her journey, Dorothy had been looking for Power OUTSIDE of herself. In reclaiming, loving and accepting all the disowned parts of herself, she realizes she has always had the Power she had been looking for.


Reflect on this past year. Consider how your experiences & feelings mirrored Dorothy’s journey. Reading through the notes and questions that follow is a great way to begin to understand all this Pisces energy and what messages it is bringing to you. 

  • Abandonment

  • Loneliness, Not belonging

  • Betrayal- self betrayal

  • Disappointment- dissatisfaction- expectations

  • Lost- confusion- disillusioned

  • Escapism- addiction- cravings

  • Denial, feeling stuck

  • Powerless

  • Doubt – loss of faith

  • Low self-worth

  • Willing to sell out

  • Regret – shame- guilt

  • Victimized

  • Self-sabotage

  • FEAR- anxiousness, worry, frozen in fear

  • Bully – coward

  • Grief –sadness- loss

  • Wonderment, Joy, Love, Success, Support, Compassionate, Kindness, Loyalty, Perseverance, Fortitude, Peace.


In facing our shadow, our fears and reclaiming dismembered aspects of ourselves, we Light Up… We harness our Power!! Here are some questions to reflect on:

  1. What disappointments, let-downs, losses or betrayals did you experience in 2022-23?

  2. Did you feel lost, directionless? How has this shown up for you?

  3. How have you tried to escape the reality of your life?

  4. There have been lots of changes going on for you personally and globally. Are you feeling overwhelmed, spinning, disoriented? What can you do to re-center?

  5. What fears have you come face to face with this year?

  6. Fears become our anchor (false security), weighing us down and making us “wait”. On your journey, how have you evolved? Have you identified your fears? Have you noticed their chains have weakened? What beliefs are attached to these fears?

  7. Consider that darkness/fears give us permission to be less than, and to do things that our “Light” says we know better.  What are your fears giving you permission to do or not do?

  8. Remember, Love conquers fear. Dorothy killed her fear (Wicked Witch) by courageously saving Scarecrow, who she loved.  How can Love help you conquer your fear?

  9. The Secret to Youth is Truth! Did 2022-23 expose any illusions you have been holding on to? What are they?  (eg. Seeing only black & white/one sided. False identities. Not seeing your true self- light & shadow. Underestimating yourself. Or___?)

  10. Self-Care is essential for our vitality. 2023-24 are years to amp up our Self-care.  What areas of Self-care in your life need attention? Physical-Mental-Emotional-Spiritual?

  11. Dorothy was looking for the land over the Rainbow, for home.  What are you looking for? 

  12. If Glinda came to you & told you that you have the Power to get exactly what you have been struggling to find… What have you been struggling with this last year?

  13. Are you willing to become WHOLE, to Light yourself up, to POWER Up?

If you are living in an Illusion of WHO you are, you will be in darkness. And no Magic, no Healer, tools or therapies can give you the High Quality Light that is needed right now.   

This “Wizard of Oz Transit” will continue through 2023.  Do what you can to keep your Vibration High and your Lights on. We are all having our own unique experience on this journey.  Resist the desire to rush through it, or judge where you are at. It is much like Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s Stages of Grief~ we don’t neatly pass through each stage in order, rather we bounce around. We will continue to face our fears and our shadows until we have done sufficient clearing.

Trust the Universe to bring you EXACTLY what you need. Trust the Process. Keep Shining!!

Donna xo

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