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The Moon Report

New Moon!
~16° Gemini


What Animates You?
What Lights You UP?!!
An Illuminated Path Leads Toward TRUTH...
Not Illusion.


The Spiritual Task of Gemini is to observe and gather information that helps us understand more about ourselves and the world around us. A Gemini New Moon reminds us of the Power of our Mind, our Thoughts and the Words that we read, speak or write. It is so important that we all understand how we can lift energy or lose energy by a simple thought.

Our minds have between 60,000 - 80,000 thoughts per day, the majority of them are negative and often repetitive.  What feeds your thoughts?  What are you reading and listening to?  Our brains interpret ALL the information we feed it every day.  The news and media are filled with constantly changing and fear based information. The human brain is wired to be attracted to negative information as a survival mechanism.  Our brains react to hearing about or watching a tragic event on the news as though it is happening to us. This neural reaction causes an increase in cortisol levels which is hard on our health; increasing our proneness to anxiety, depression, weight gain, sleep disturbances and auto-immune disease.  

~How much time to do spend in Faith & Trust vs time in Doubt, Self-Doubt & Worry? 
~Notice any repetitive thoughts you have? Worry, judgments, criticisms, fears.
~Notice how often you complain to yourself and others.
~ What do you gain from repetitive negative thoughts or complaining? What do you lose?

When we relax the brain, we relax the body. Research has shown that spending a few extra seconds in a positive thought changes the neural structure in our brains, (read here) which in turn increases our energy, clears brain fog, improves the immune system, digestion, overall health and well-being. Read about benefits of positive thinking here.

Each month we are given the gift of a New Moon and an opportunity for New Beginnings from the Universe! The Planet Venus joins the Sun and Moon at 16° Gemini, inviting us to open our hearts and adding some optimistic energy to this New Moon. This week we actually have the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter ALL in Gemini!!  Gemini teaches us that our Curious Mind feeds our Youthfulness and Joy. What are you "curious" about? Ways to feed curiosity; new experiences, try anything new, travel, meeting new people, talking to strangers, ask questions, take a class, read a journal or listen to podcast on something you are curious about. This month we are all encouraged to embrace New Experiences with Optimism and Joy! (By the way, new experiences are so good for the brain as well!)

It's Soul Check in Time!!
New Moons Invite Us to Slow Down~
Pause, Rest & Reflect on...
Who We are & Where We are Going.

Now let's talk about Jupiter and how to make the most of it's transit through Gemini until June 9th, 2025! I am going to give you some hard hitting Truth bombs here. Afterall... Jupiter is the Planet of TRUTH SEEKING!! Traditional Astrology sees Jupiter as the "Benefic" Planet, the Planet that brings Blessings, Abundance and Good Fortune. We use these buzz words loosely because these are words people love to hear, however missing the whole truth. 

Rather than sitting back waiting for Jupiter to hand you Blessings~
Raise your Vibration by counting the Blessings in your life right now!

Jupiter is  the Planet associated with our Faith, our Beliefs and our Wisdom. It is Optimistic by Nature. We all know that our thoughts become our beliefs and our beliefs become our reality. This is why Optimistic Jupiter is associated with Blessings and Good Fortune (Law of Attraction). TRUTH BOMB: The Opportunities & Blessings Jupiter brings are more related to our improved Faith & Optimism from Jupiter, then being a gift from the Universe.  We cannot ignore that the Planet Jupiter (Beliefs) is in the sign of Gemini (thoughts) all year. Jupiter is an "expander" Planet, it brings "more of", this is why it is associated with abundance. Jupiter + Gemini = Boost of Energy to our Thoughts.  This means, no matter where Jupiter is in your chart, if your thoughts are in a negative place, you will have a difficult time to benefit from Jupiter. 

TRUTH: If you want to benefit from Jupiter this year...
Set the Intention to IMPROVE YOUR MINDSET!!

Cancer Solstice~ June 20th 
The day before the Capricorn Full Moon, our first Solstice of 2024 arrives, as the Sun enters the sign of Cancer!  It designates the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and a Winter Solstice for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere! Solstices also mark a time of Endings & New Beginnings. They can bring us separations as well as losses and gains.  Most definitely they are a potent time for change.  Ironically though, the word “Solstice” comes from the Latin word “solstitium”, meaning “to stand still”.  For the few days around the Solstice, the Earth’s axial tilt comes to a gravitational pause. This creates an energetic portal as there is a reduction of energy to the magnetic field on Earth the day before, day of and day after the Solstice (June 18th- 22nd). This pause or stillness is what we need before we shift directions.  These few days are an extra potent time for setting intentions, meditation, creativity, intuitive insights, ceremonies and prayer!  

Enjoy the Cosmic ReSet and ReSt this week!

Donna xo

"I don't think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains." ANNE FRANK Gemini Sun 

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