The Moon Report

Pisces New Moon!
Sunday February 23rd - 7:31 am PST

Mercury Retrograde!
February 16th - March 9th

This Pisces New Moon

Calls us to Connect with our Soul Center! 

We grow and change from the inside out.  We learn about ourselves through our emotions.  When our physical body's pipes are clogged we don't function as efficiently.  Likewise, when our emotional pipes are backlogged we absolutely experience malfunction.  Emotional blocks lead to fatigue, illness, depression, lack of clarity and lack of direction.  Retrogrades call us inward to see what is going on in our subconscious, they are natural correction cycles. Pisces energy activates our emotional system. With the Sun, Moon, Neptune and Mercury Retrograde in Pisces we all have the opportunity to acknowledge any backlog of emotions that we have as it comes up.

The Universe is giving us a great deal of support this week to slow down, listen, feel, release and recharge. We are invited to BE in the present moment.  When our mind is in the future or our emotions are holding us in the past, it is challenging to hear our Inner Voice. New Moons invite us to check in with our Soul and reconnect the communication lines to our Inner Voice.

The month of March holds a great deal of Pisces energy.  The Pisces Archetype brings to us qualities like; compassion, unconditional love, empathy, imagination, sensitivity, intuitiveness, kindness and humbleness. Pisces teaches us to Trust our Intuition.  Pisces' are known as the “dreamers” of the zodiac... they are visionaries as they are the most imaginative sign.  Creating Powerful Visions is what feeds our ability to manifest.  And Pisces are the best manifestors!!  What do you want to manifest this month?  Are your visions in line with that?

Every sign has a shadow.  When Pisces' imaginative, visionary, compassionate, intuitive energy is not activated, the shadow qualities surface; overly sensitive, escapism, addiction, controling, sacrificing, victimhood, disillusioned, anxious, ungrounded and self-destructive. Pisces rules our endocrine (hormone/thyroid/adrenal glands) and immune systems.  If you are experiencing health challenges, take a look at any emotional clearing you need.  What is triggering you?  How do you feel about you are in your life right now? What do you need to forgive?  Retrogrades offer us a time to realign ourselves.  With Mercury in Retrograde in Pisces we are reminded of where we are living in an "illusion" of control and what is NOT working for us. How do you rate your relationship to Trust vs. Control?  What patterns have got you stuck? What vision do you have of your Optimal Potential?  What gets in the way?

Our intuitive antennas will be supercharged this week!

Yes, our sensitivity meters are all heightened this week.  In fact, there will be a great deal of watery, sensitive energy in the air all month, but particularly this week with the New Moon.  Sunday's New Moon calls us to slow down and go inward.  Spending more time going "Inward" strengthens your connection to your Higher Self, allowing you to listen to your Inner Guidance.  What can you do to strengthen your connection to your Higher Self?  Slowing down and tapping into that creative, sensitive and intuitive side of the brain can be challenging for those who operate primarily from the left side of brain (the intellect, facts, schedules, multitasking, linear thinking). When we stop receiving and processing things at an intellectual level- it allows us to see from a different perspective. This is when you are open to recieve messages, perhaps then you will have an epiphany, a creative download or find a new way to solve a problem. Resisting the call Inward this month will surely bring disillusionment, confusion, chaos, escapism, fuzzy thinking, insecurity, moodiness, frustration and overwhelm.  Slow down this week, even for a few moments each day and allow this New Moon to bring you clarity.  

Look for Insightful messages on February 25th!!

Each New Moon has unique Cosmic energy!  Two days after the New Moon (Feb. 25), Mercury and the Sun meet up in the exact same position marking the half-way point of the Retrograde Cycle. Our Intuition is particularly heightened (Feb. 23-26) to recieving messages and support from the Univers with regards to our Soul's direction.  For the rest of the Retrograde cycle (until March 9th) we will integrate and interpret these messages.   

Surrender to the Universe's call to slow down!!

Pisces is the 12th and final sign of the zodiac. This week is an ideal time to recharge and recalibrate as we come to a close of the zodiac's year.  March 20th marks the Spring Equinox and a New Astrological Year!  Be ready for New Beginnings and forward movement once again.  But for now, remember there is an incredible amount of power in stillness, listening, silence, kindness, forgiveness and compassion. Harness the gentle, imaginative and powerful energy this New Moon offers us!!!  As you slow down this week reflect on what seeds you have planted over the year.  Have you been nurturing those seeds, watering and tending the soil? Or have you been spending your time and energy elsewhere?

"Imagination is everything.  It is the preview of life's coming attractions."  Albert Einstein - Genius and Pisces!


Sending Love & Light Your Way!
Donna xo

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