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The Moon Report

SUPER New Moon!!
~20° Aquarius


*All Planets Moving Forward!
Jan. 27th  - April 2nd






Over the next week, the Celestial Sparks will catapult us forward~ It's GO Time!!!  Buckle up folks, we have quite a year ahead! I always say that the Aquarius New Moon is the "Stage Setting" Moon of the Year! This Moon is the 2nd New Moon after the Winter (Capricorn) Solstice, which marks the Chinese New Year~ it feels more significant to me than January 1st as a New Beginning. I now feel ready to look ahead and Intentionally walk in that direction.

While we cannot control the Universe, we CAN work in unison with it. Connecting with the Moon Cycles is an easy way to connect with the Universal rhythms. Each month the Universes gifts us with a New Moon and an opportunity to rest, reflect & re-set. It is the ideal time to plant new seeds and set intentions.  New Moons bring us Optimism with the idea of a "fresh start" and potential of New Beginnings ahead.  Friday is a SUPER New Moon, the 2nd of 5 Super Moons in a row.  Super Moons (Perigee) are Moons that are closer to Earth.  The proximity enhances the gravitational pulls on the ocean's tides, the earth's tectonic plates and our emotional bodies as well. In other words, it intensifies the Moon's energy!

With the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto all in Aquarius this week (Venus & Mars Join the Aquarius party next week), we all get a jolt of Aquarius energy. Aquarius shows us the value of Networking, Brainstorming, Collaboration, Freedom and Equality. Aquarius reminds us that we can go much farther when we work "together".  Aquarian's are Unique, they are Innovative, they think out of the box.

If you were born with significant Aquarius or 11th House Planets

In your chart you were born to be an Agent of Change~

That is why you don't fit in.

We all have Aquarius in our chart somewhere. Where Aquarius is in YOUR chart is where YOU approach things differently, where you can make a positive change and where you have the power to better manage your Destiny. This week, we are all encouraged to embrace and express the unique parts of ourselves! 

The Cosmic Winds Are Picking Up Speed! 
The Stars this Week are Full of Sparks
~ With the Intention to Catapult Us Forward!

Not only do we have a SUPER New Moon this weekend, but we have a number of other transits that add some Spark to this New Moon. 

  • 02/08: Sun Squares Uranus~ Turning points, we may find ourselves shifting directions. This Transit invites us to Break Free!

  • 02/09:  Aquarius Super New Moon~ marks the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year. A New Moon  is the 1st of 8 phases of the Moon, the time to plant new seeds & set new Intentions.

  • 02/13: Mars Conjunct Pluto. Sparks will fly & perhaps power struggles. Be mindful of impulsive reactions.

  • 02/17: Venus Conjunct Pluto ~ Restructuring of our values, money & relationships. 

  • 02/21: Venus Conjunct Mars~ All Conjunctions mark a new cycle.

  • 01/27 -04/02:  All Planets will be moving forward giving us a Green Light to Go!! Trust me, we will feel this!  Are you ready? Remember... The seeds we plant over the next couple of New Moons, have potential for accelerated manifestation! Stay focused & set CLEAR Intentions!

Friday's New Moon marks the Eve of the Chinese New Year! 2023 was the Year of the Water Rabbit- reminding us to connect with our feelings and focus on what is REALLY important. 2024 is the year of the Wood Dragon! The Dragon is a Mythical Creature, a Free Spirit~ refusing to be pushed around. The Dragon Represents Fearlessness, Strength, Growth & Innovation. The Dragon has Phoenix energy~ with the ability to rise again from ashes. It reminds us that when we have the Courage to face "endings" we experience Powerful New Beginnings.

This Weekend's Aquarius Super New Moon
Invites Us to Find the Freedom & Space Needed

The Stars this week (Feb 8-17) are offering us Insight. Pay attention to any Messages on where you need to make changes and adjustments. Remember that Change happens when we need to move forward... not retreat to the past.

  • Where are you stuck?

  • What does Freedom mean to you?

  • How can you give yourself more Freedom? 

  • What are you willing to Release in order to find more Space for New Beginnings? (Unforgivenesses, Worries/fears, Judgments, Duty/should's, Resentments) 

  • Aquarius energy offers us a healthy sense of detachment. 

Follow through on this Guidance and you will find more Peace, Joy and Love... you will find the "Freedom" your Soul desires. Over the next few months the Cosmos is encouraging us to get "unstuck", to make a Breakthrough somewhere in our life. Be mindful that Safety is an Illusion and that most often Breakdowns need to happen before we make Breakthroughs.

My 2024 Mantra
"I am preparing for Breakdowns & Breakthroughs~
Without any Expectation, Fear or Attachment.

This year we must stay AWAKE! No dozing off at the wheel. We must work diligently... Refining, Preparing, Improving & Changing. It is good to constantly remind ourselves that.. WE CAN ATTAIN BIG THINGS BY WORKING ON THE LITTLE THINGS. 


Happy Lunar New Year & Many Blessings Ahead!
Donna xo

"If I waited for perfection... I would never write a word."  MARGARET ATWOOD~ Aquarius Moon

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