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The Moon Report

Aquarius Full Moon
Aug 1, 11:31 am PT


During the Entire Month of August~
The Cosmos Pulls Us back to Reflect on What Truly MATTERS...
It Guides Us to Face Our Fears, Find Our Courage
& Showers Us With Magic, Inspiration & Love
Inviting Us to Connect with Our Hearts, Heal & Find More Bliss

New & Full Moons are powerful times when we can more easily recognize our old patterns and realign with our Soul's Intention.

Tuesday's Full Moon will be the 2nd of 4 Super Full Moon's in a row as well as the 1st of 2 Full Moons in the month of August! For the next few weeks we have the Sun and Venus in Leo~ amplifying the energy of LEO SEASON! Leo is the sign most associated with the Heart and the Heart Chakra. LEO is the Latin word for LION. 

The Lion Symbolizes to Us the Strength & Courage it takes to Follow Our HEARTS~
& Remain Loyal to Our Souls.

Leo is the sign most associated with Love, Joy, Creativity and Courage. The Healing Challenge that Leo brings to us is; ENTERING THE DESERT.  Entering the Desert refers to being tested, going through a painful experience that forces us into (isolation) Reflection so we can see what we need to do to continue on our Spiritual Journey.

This week's Full Moon has the Sun in Leo opposing the Moon in Aquarius. Aquarius is the Archetype of the Awakened Mind.  An Aquarius Full Moon reminds us to balance the Heart with the Mind. This Full Moon calls us TO BELIEVE IN OURSELVES. It will show us how to find the "Freedom" we so desire.  When we connect with our Hearts, find our Courage~ we will face our fears, dissolving the power they have over us... ultimately giving us the Freedom to Create, experience Joy and continue on our Destined Paths.

Not only is it a Perigee (Super) Full Moon, but we have the Planet Jupiter (the Planet of Expansion) connecting with this Full Moon kicking it up another notch!! The Sun and Moon form a T-Square with the Planet Jupiter, adding more juice to the energy of the Moon by making it quite obvious how we can experience more fully our AWAKENED HEART!  

  • What fears do you need to face?

  • Are you feeling tested in any way?

  • Can you see any shadow patterns that hold you back?

  • Are you willing to open your heart more this month? Ways to open heart; gratitude, yoga, meditation, prayer, creative activities, forgiveness, journaling, breath work.


Lughnasadh, Lion's Gate Portal &  Perseids

August 7th is a Cross-Quarter Day. Cross Quarter Days mark the half-way point between the Solstice and the Equinox. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere it marks the half-way point of summer.  For thousands of years, Solstice's, Equinox's and Cross Quarter Days have been recognized as powerful times as the Earth's tilt on these days creates openings to the Cosmos. Lughnasadh is an official holiday in Ireland, celebrated annually in the beginning of August.  "Lugh" if the name of the Celtic Sun God.

Every August 8th the Earth aligns with the Star Sirius creating a very auspicious event called "The Lion's Gate Portal".  Sirius is the brightest Star in the sky and is more than twice the size of our Sun.  Sirius was considered the most important Star in ancient Egypt, with Sirius Rising marking the beginning of their New Year. Sirius is from the Universe just beyond our Solar System, it is called the Sirius System where the Planets revolve around Sirius. The Sun rules the sign Leo and August 8th is the mid-point of the Leo month. 

August 8th in numerals is 8-8.  Eight is considered the luckiest number in Numerology as it represents infinity, abundance and prosperity. 8-8 is believed by many to be the luckiest day of the year!  Observing and celebrating the Earth's alignment with Sirius on August 8th has occurred for many centuries.  The Lion's Gate Portal is believed to create openings to the Cosmos for downloads and manifesting.  

Perseids Meteor Showers; July 17- Aug 24. Meteor Showers are also an auspicious event enhancing our ability to connect to Higher Sources and receive downloads. Since ancient times, Meteor Showers were celebrated with dance, believing that the Meteor Showers were Magical showers from the Gods. The Perseids are the brightest Meteor showers of the year and will peak in viewing at 1:00 am PT on August 13th.  Even if you are not able to observe the Magical event, trust that you can experience Cosmic downloads during meditation and dreams throughout the month of showers. For more info on viewing Perseids click here. 

All of the Stars together highlight to us the importance of opening our Hearts so we can access our Innate Courage, Passions, Creative Power and JOY! Harness the energy from the Cosmos this week and CHOOSE to feed your Soul.  Retreat, Reflect, Receive and Rejoice!  Allow yourself to be in the present, to move into your Heart, express your Love and reconnect with what Lights you up... and with what brings you BLISS!! 

"There are 2 basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance." JOHN LENNON~ Aquarius Moon

May Your Heart Remain Open!
Donna xo

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