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The Moon Report

Leo New Moon

2:37 am PT

"I use My Breath to~
Create Inner Calmness,
Connect with My Heart &
Find My Ability to Trust the Divine Order of the Universe."

The Universe is a place of order.  The Earth revolves around the Sun... Reliably. It is consistent. It is predictable. When we experience uncertainty and chaotic cycles in our life, we leak energy by focusing on what we cannot control, what to fear, who to blame and questioning WHY THINGS HAPPEN AS THEY DO. A more powerful choice is to seek comfort in focusing on the Natural Order of the Universe, things like observing a Sunrise or Sunset. It helps us find our ability to Trust the Divine Order of the Universe.

A New Moon draws us INWARD, to reflect and re-set.  A Leo New Moon reminds us to Lead with our Hearts. When our Heart is open & balanced we are better able to; give and receive Unconditional Love, experience Joy, Bliss and Inner Peace. This week the Sun, Moon, Venus and Juno are all in the sign of Leo. This brings a great deal of attention to our Creative Essence, the Heart and the Heart Chakra. 


The Spiritual Task of Leo is to encourage Us to Follow our Hearts-
To Connect with what Lights Us Up...

The Enlightened Joseph Campbell always said... "follow your Bliss & doors will open for you."  Are you following your Bliss or are you following your feelings of discouragement? Are you drifting or steering? Bliss is a sense of JOY that we experience when we are connected to the Heart. It is truly found in the simplest things, like holding a puppy, watching a sunrise, laughter, singing, hearing beautiful music.  The easiest way to open and connect with our Heart is to practice Gratitude.  Other ways are; Creative activities, being in Nature, Heart opening yoga, practicing kindness, forgiveness, PLAY, meditation (Metta!), prayer, singing, expressing grief (crying), rose quartz, roses, rose oil, the color green and breath-work. 

This week's New Moon is at an exact square to Uranus  Uranus is the AWAKENER Planet! It shakes things up... to literally WAKE us up, with the intention to get us back on our Destined Path. This aspect along with a few other Planetary connections encourages us to be open to unexpected opportunities and changes that may come our way.  We are reminded to choose the Path of Love (the one that is lit up), rather than make choices from a place of Fear (a much darker path and one that is hard to navigate). 

  • Look for Divine Messages.

  • Are you purposely blocking your Guidance?

  • Follow your Bliss, Listen to your Heart, Practice Gratitude, Create, Play... notice how things look brighter~ 

  • How often do you appreciate yourself?



Are you feeling the "pull back", the call to slow down? By the end of August we will have Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto ALL in Retrograde!!  Retrogrades are when planets “appear” to be moving backward, as they are slowing down. Retrogrades are always about “re’s”. Reassessing, rethinking, reconsidering, reviewing, re-aligning & releasing.  All Retrogrades are an opportunity to re-align ourselves.

They pull us back so we can get a better visual, a wider view & greater perspective. 
With this greater visual we have more clarity & confidence in moving forward. 


Venus in Retrograde in Leo until September 3rd, continues to call us inward to RE-EVALUATE OUR VALUES. Venus will be in Retrograde every 18 months for 42 days. During this time we are invited to look at what truly matters to us and where we would rather choose to spend our energy and time.  With Venus Retrograde in Leo, we are invited to open our hearts, heal old grief and share our Creative Essence with others. 

Mercury Retrograde 08/23- 09/15.  Mercury is the fastest moving Planet in our Solar System.  It rules our thoughts, communication and transportation. Mercury rules our Left Brain (knowledge, facts, schedules).  With strong Mercury in our chart we think fast, talk fast and multi-task.  When Mercury slows down, we suddenly cannot juggle 5 things at once... the balls drop. Positively, Mercury invites us to balance our Right and Left Brain.  When Mercury is in Retrograde, it is an ideal time to write, create, use our imagination and connect with our Intuitive Nature. Often Mercury Retrograde can feel frustrating. It is the "trickster" Planet after all.  Mercury intends to "trick" us into doing things differently. 

A New Moon along with all the Planets slowing down, encourage US to slow down. Give yourself permission to rest, reflect, breathe, play and reconnect with WHO you are! 

"The greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love and BE loved in return." DAVID BOWIE~ Leo Moon


May Your Heart Remain Open!

Donna xo

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