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The Moon Report

New Moon!!
~20° Capricorn

Sun Enters Aquarius
Jan. 20th 6:07 am PT

Pluto Enters Aquarius
Jan. 20th, 4:51 pm PT

Are You Prepared for 2024?
The Spiritual Task of  Capricorn is to
Support Us in Reaching Our Optimal Potential~
Sometimes that "Support" feels more like a kick in the pants!!


Capricorn New Moon:

Each month, the Universe gifts us with a New Moon and the Promise of New Beginnings. A New Moon pulls us Inward, calls us to Reflect and Plant New Seeds. Once a year we get a Capricorn New Moon~ it is known as "The Planner" Moon. Capricorn is the Archetype of Goals, Responsibility, Discipline and Achievement. With a Capricorn New Moon, it is hard to contain our desire to set Intentions/goals and set a plan in motion to reach those goals. 

As you  reflect and review this last year, acknowledge yourself for your endurance, your discipline and your Integrous Choices.  Once you complete that, take a look at the choices you made based on fear of rejection, fear of failure, desire for status and your desire for validation. The New Moon has a couple of intense aspects to it (Square to the Moon's Lunar Nodes & Conjunct to Pluto). This Moon is sure to bring to our awareness areas where we are stuck and any old patterns that are holding us back (co-dependency, people pleasing,  victimhood, laziness, distractions, martyrdom, escapism, chaos, fears around money, and more).

This week we have the Sun, Moon, Mars and Pluto ALL in Capricorn. This is a huge boost of Capricorn energy!! It's time to get busy, and make the most of it!


Think of "Capricorn" as your parent, teacher or coach.  Capricorn reminds us that we will not reach our goals or reap rewards (dessert, graduate, trophy) unless we do the prep work before. Prep work is ESPECIALLY important this year as we are all personally and collectively being invited to move up to the next level!

The Spiritual Lesson of Capricorn is in finding our Integrity~ while reaching our Optimal Potential. This message has extra impact as Pluto has been hovering at 29° Capricorn inviting us to review our Growth over the last  15 years or so with Pluto in Capricorn.  

Think about any shifts you would like to make in 2024. It is not important to know WHAT your Optimal Potential or "Next Level" is. Reflect on what is NOT working, and what holds you back (fear, attachment, stuck in the past).  In fact, needing to "know" what our Optimal Potential is... is exactly one of the things that holds us back.  What IS important is expressing your true Self. This is what Lights you up and allows you to see where you are going. What Lights YOU up?

When we can see where we are going~
We can more confidently make choices & fearlessly take one step at a time on our Soul's Path.

Coinsiding with the New Moon, the Planet Mercury passes through 26°-27° Sagittarius, the point of the Galactic Center. This give us a boost of Cosmic Insight and opportunity for major downloads. Allow yourself time to rest, retreat and Listen to the Messages the Universe is sending. you. Take advantage of the Capricorn energy to get your ducks in a row; write, journal, make lists, start making a plan!

Pluto in Capricorn: Jan. 2008 - Jan. 2024
Pluto in Aquarius: Jan. 20, 2024 - Jan. 2044

Pluto is the Archetype of Evolution~ Change. It reminds us that everything created will dissolve, everyone born will die, nothing stays the same, change is a constant. As Pluto moves through a sign, it reveals the Light and Shadow of that sign. Positively, Pluto in Capricorn worked at breaking down old, outdated structures. It exposed the consequences of capitalism, worshipping money and material gain. It revealed our greed and our disconnection to Mother Earth. As Pluto moves through Aquarius over the next 20 years, we will see advancement in technology, science and medicine. It will push us to progress, moving past polarity, competition and outdated structures and move towards collaboration and unity.

Pluto moving into Aquarius on January 20th is believed to be the BIG Planetary Transit that will Usher us into the Age of Aquarius.  This is very exciting as the Age of Aquarius a time of Progression, Liberation, Equality and Unity. It is a very exciting time to be alive, and I believe we each have a purpose during this profound time in the Evolutionary cycles. If you are interested in learning more about Pluto, the Age of Aquarius and other major Transits of 2024, please join my workshop on Jan. 21st (see info below).

On January 27th, all the Planets will be moving forward, and the pace is going to pick up for a few months. Now is the time to prep for what is ahead!

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us." MARIANNE WILLIAMSON~ Capricorn Moon

May We All Find Our Light,

Share Our Light & Celebrate Our Light!!
Happy New Year!
Donna xo

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