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The Moon Report

Full Moon!!
~5° Virgo


*All Planets Moving Forward!
Jan. 27th  - April 2nd


Imagine Waking Up to a Life
The Moon Helps Us Connect With Our Inner Realm~ 
Ask Yourself...
"Do I really want to carry around these heavy thoughts & feelings
on My Life Journey?"


Feeling anxious?!?  Well, the Moon rules our Emotions and when the Moon is Full, the Sun puts the Moon in the Spotlight. This intensifies the Moon's energy and we become more aware of our emotional realm. During a Full Moon, the Sun opposes the Moon, and the Moon's energy becomes stronger than the Sun's. Full Moon's invite us to check in on our unchecked emotions.

There are a few reasons your feelings may be a little extra this week;

  • Waxing energy of Virgo Full Moon~ often the days leading up to the Full Moon feel the most emotional, erratic and restless. The Sign Virgo represents our connection between Mind, Body & Spirit.

  • This Full Moon is not just opposite the Sun, it is opposite the Planets Mercury & Saturn which weighs on the heaviness of the Mind (Mercury) and the overwhelm of Responsibilities (Saturn) that we are shouldering.

  • All Planets Moving Forward~ we are now a month into this forward movement~ and the Planets have picked up the pace. It is actually unusual to have this long of time with all Planets moving forward. We sense this acceleration and it can make us feel excited and nervous at the same time... as things are moving and changing FAST!

  • Eclipse Season Ahead! The next Full Moon Will be a Lunar Eclipse (03/25). Eclipses invite change and mark a time of Major Endings and Major New Beginnings. The Unknown ahead feels unsettling. 

  • Feb 21-22 we had 3 powerful X-Class Solar Flares, the most powerful Solar Storm since 2017! Geomagnetic Storms affect the Earth's Magnetic Field, causing short wave radio black outs and power outages. They also our own personal energetic field and our nervous system, particularly if you are sensitive. You can feel extra tired and/or wired at this time. More Flares are expected in the week ahead.

A Virgo Moon is Known as The Healing Moon.

It brings to our awareness the potency and expansive energy of healing.  Each time we heal ourselves, whether we are healing from a negative thought pattern or a serious illness~ we are taking part in a collective healing. 

This weekend's Full Moon will shed a Light on any aspects of ourselves that needs clearing; need for control, worry, anxiety, irrational fears, overwhelm, obsessive thinking & behaviors, expectations, judgments that hold us in suffering, distrust, criticism, procrastination, misplaced goals, rigidness, escapism, confusion, victimhood, addictions.

The way out of anxiety, negative thinking and overwhelm is to embrace the Lighter Aspects of Pisces; the Mystic (Spiritual Connection), practicing Compassion & Kindness and engaging in our Imagination and Intuitive Mind.


This Full Moon will begin to set the stage for Eclipse Season (the next Full Moon will be a Lunar Eclipse). It shows us what small improvements we can be making, any clearing and small changes that need to be addressed. 

Virgo's Spiritual task is to give us drive for improvement...
To focus on what can be done rather than what is out of our control.
To Remember that our Journey is about taking one Step at a time!


The Cosmic Cycles and Moon Cycles are absolutely connected to what is going on around us as well as what we are feeling internally. But I do want to make it clear that Astrology is not meant to be a tool used for explaining why things happen, or to be used as an excuse. We are all responsible for our own actions, thoughts, behaviors and reactions. Astrology transits allow us to see where we have an opportunity for growth and expansion. It offers us a choice.

This week, the Cosmos invites us to reset our negative thinking, our need for control, habitual criticism, fear/anxiety, overwhelm, and victimhood.  As we clear this energy, we will have more room in our Hearts to Plant New Seeds, Create, Love, Be Loved and experience Bliss along this Journey called Life.
Remember... We can attain big things by working on the little things.

  • Complete Small Tasks

  • Breathe

  • Practice METTA Meditation

  • Pray 

  • REST!! 

  • BE!!!

Trust the Cycles.
Trust, rather than buy into the illusion of control.
Trust the Unknown.
Trust Change~
Trust Yourself! 

Donna xo

"How can you make your Mind clear? Just by knowing it."  AJAHN CHAH

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