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The Moon Report

New Moon
~21° Libra!
October 14th, 10:55 am PT


During challenging times~
It is important to find what brings you back into balance.
“Next to love, balance is the most important thing.”

John Wooden

ECLIPSE SEASON IS HERE!!! Eclipses are event generators. They mark a time of Major Endings & Major New Beginnings.  They definitely stir the pot... Eclipses can be destabilizing.  From the beginning of time~ humans have recognized Eclipses as Potent Days of Reverence. Eclipses have been honored, celebrated & feared for 1000's of years. 

Our final Eclipse Season of 2023 begins!! Every 6 months we get a set of Eclipses inviting us to Upgrade a certain area of our life. It is an opportunity (nudge) from the Universe to Re-Set and Re-align ourselves.

Saturday October 14th brings us a Libra Solar Eclipse.  A Solar Eclipse is an extra potent New Moon, when the Moon, Sun & Earth are even more exactly aligned.  During the Eclipse, the Moon passes over the disc of the Sun blocking the Solar energy to the Earth Fully or Partially for a brief time. (This Eclipse will be a Partial Annular Eclipse.) This brief interruption of light affects the Earth's magnetic field... as well as our physical and emotional bodies.  At this time, we internally experience darkness, a shutting down time...  A time to Release & Recalibrate.  Think of it as a time to power down & reboot, just like you do with your phone and computer.  The days around a Solar Eclipse, the Universe provides us with support to delete old codes, outdated beliefs and make room for new programming.

This week, the Sun, Moon and Mercury are all in the sign of Libra. Libra brings attention to Relationships. It holds the Archetypal energy of Balance, Equality, Partnership, Peace and Harmony.  Libra's Spiritual Lesson is around finding Balance & Harmony~ what we learn through unhealthy relationships. This Eclipse has heightened energy as it aspects Pluto, Chiron, Venus and Eris. It reveals to us where we need to heal, how we can improve our relationships, where we are out of balance and how we "Eclipse" ourselves. 


  • Notice what emotions are coming up for you this week? Identify the "feeling".

  • What are ways you can have more Compassion for yourself?

  • How do you Eclipse yourself? (Hide yourself, keep yourself small, reject yourself, keep yourself stuck)

  • Consider ways to shine a Light on yourself! Speaking up, Self Care, Self Expression, Doing what makes you happy, what Lights you Up!!

  • Are you balancing looking after YOUR needs with looking after the needs of others?

  • What is out of balance in your life?

  • Are you connecting with others? Is it balanced with getting time alone?

  • How can you bring more LOVE, BEAUTY & PEACE into your life?

Eclipses generate more energy than regular New & Full Moons. During a SOLAR Eclipse, the Moon has more potency than the Sun... This makes them Emotional New Moons.  Are you feeling more Emotional this week? Find ways to give yourself and others more Compassion.  Notice where you are out of balance.

We cannot operate at our Optimal Potential when we are out of balance. Consider what would happen if you only inhaled? It is believed that with correct balance, a lesser skilled person will succeed over a skilled but out of balance person. Being in balance gives us more strength and power, it can make up for our weak points.

Some balance check points;
1. HEALTH- Are you getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, exercising, getting outdoors?
2. Are you overly SELF focused, being selfish, wallowing, spending too much time alone?
3. Or, are you overly focused on others, over-booked socially & abandoning yourself?
4. Do you feel grounded? How can you experience more groundedness?
5. Do you feel you have balance with work time & play time?
6. Does your inhale match your exhale? Productive time vs. Down time?
7. Does your mind feel over-stimulated or under-stimulated?
8. How much time do you experience chaos vs. peace?
9. What are the energy suckers in your life? (worry, blame, resentments, unforgivenesses, control, fear, comparing, escapism, not being true to self, dishonesty, certain people...)

If you are not sure how to regain your balance...
Conscious Breath-work is a powerful way to bring us back into balance. 


It is Soul Re-Alignment time!! While Eclipses accelerate our process, a Solar Eclipse pulls us Inward.  Allow yourself some time to find stillness, gentleness & quietude this weekend. Listen to your Inner Voice, find the Guidance and Clarity you need.  Think of Solar Eclipses to be like a “Soul check in time”.  What TRULY MATTERS to you? ... Seriously. What REALLY matters?!!  Do you feel like you are on the right path? This week we all have access to the Cosmic Delete & Reset Button!! Think about what you are ready to Delete and Reprogram into your life. 


May Your Heart Remain Open!

Donna xo

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