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The Moon Report

Libra Full Moon

~5° Libra

Mercury Retrograde
April 1st - April 25th

Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction!
Breakthrough Transit!!
April 20th, 2024

And So The Pendulum Swings...
Anything We DO~
We Can UnderDo & OverDo.
We often need to explore the extremes &
Test our limits~
Before we find Our Personal Sweet Spot
Called BALANCE!!


ECLIPSE SEASON IS HERE!!! From the beginning of time~ humans have recognized Eclipses as Potent Days of Reverence. Our 1st Eclipse of 2024 arrives at the midnight hour of March 25th! 

All Full Moons highlight to us where we are out of Balance.  A Libra (the sign of Balance & Harmony) Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is like shining the brightest, most powerful flood-lights on where we are out of balance. It acts as a spotlight on our buried feelings, our patterns and choices that play into our fears, wounds and self-pity.  This Light allows us to see how far we have come and where we need to make adjustments.

Eclipses are event generators. They mark a time of Major Endings & Major New Beginnings.  Eclipses accelerate our process, they often shake things up and they definitely stir the pot... Eclipses can be destabilizing. 

Eclipses are Assistance from the Universe to See things More Clearly...
They Invite Change & Growth~
Giving Us the much needed Impetus to Move Forward!

Every 6 months we get a set of Eclipses inviting us to Upgrade a certain area of our life. It is an opportunity (nudge) from the Universe to Re-Set and Re-align ourselves. We all experience the Eclipses differently. The area of YOUR Birth Chart where the Eclipse is happening is the area of YOUR life that you will be up-grading over the next year. 

Once a year we get a Libra Full Moon bringing to our attention; Our Balance, Our Harmony and Our Relationships. We cannot operate at our Optimal Potential when we are out of balance. Consider what would happen if you only inhaled? It is believed that with correct balance, a lesser skilled person will succeed over a skilled~ but out of balance person. Being in balance gives us more strength and power, it can make up for our weak points.

We started to sense the energy and messages of the Eclipses 3-4 weeks ago.  What imbalances (physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually) have shown up for you in the last few weeks?

1. HEALTH- Are you getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, exercising, getting outdoors?
2. Are you overly SELF focused, being selfish, wallowing, spending too much time alone?
3. Or, are you overly focused on others, over-booked socially & abandoning yourself?
4. Do you feel grounded? How can you experience more groundedness?
5. Do you feel you have balance with work time & play time?
6. Does your inhale match your exhale?
7. Does your mind feel over-stimulated or under-stimulated?
8. How much time do you experience chaos vs. peace?
9. What are the energy suckers in your life? (worry, blame, guilt, shame, resentments, unforgivenesses, control, fear, comparing, escapism, not being true to self, dishonesty, certain people...)

If you are not sure how to regain your balance...
Conscious Breath-work is a simple yet powerful way to
Experience the present moment & come back into balance. 

Mercury Retrograde 04/01- 04/25. After 2 months of ALL the Planets moving forward~ Mercury Stations Retrograde, pulling us back and slowing us down. All Retrogrades are an opportunity to re-align ourselves. Mercury is the fastest moving Planet in our Solar System.  It rules our thoughts, communication and transportation. Mercury rules our Left Brain (knowledge, facts, schedules).  With strong Mercury in our chart we think fast, talk fast and multi-task.  When Mercury slows down, we suddenly cannot juggle 5 things at once... the balls drop. Positively, Mercury invites us to balance our Right and Left Brain.  When Mercury is in Retrograde, it is an ideal time to write, create, use our imagination and connect with our Intuitive Nature. Often Mercury Retrograde can feel frustrating. It is the "trickster" Planet after all.  Mercury intends to "trick" us into doing things differently. 

The month ahead will be Super Charged Cosmically! Over the next few weeks, the Universe is supporting us in CLEARING any psychic weight that is keeping us stuck and out of balance. The Eclipses and Mercury Retrograde will bring to our awareness what needs to be cleared and re-aligned. LETTING GO of any buried fears, repressed emotions frees up space and energy for us to LEAP forward on our Destined Path!

Eclipses work to Guide us. They are gifts from the Universe, showing us what has been hiding in the Shadows and highlighting what we need to focus on TODAY!  

Trust that this Eclipse Season will bring up for you EXACTLY what YOU need! Over the next couple of weeks you will gain CLARITY on what you need to Let Go of. For more support and guidance through this Eclipse Season~ see Zoom classes offered below.

Eclipse Viewing
This weekend's Penumbral Lunar Eclipse occurs as the Moon passes through the Earth's pale outer shadow (penumbra), rather than the dark inner shadow (umbra). The duration of this Eclipse is 4 hours, 39 minutes, between 9:53 pm (03/24) and 2:32 am (03/25) PT. The greatest Eclipse or maximum viewing will be 12:13 am PT on March 25th. North & South America will be able to observe this Eclipse, Australia will be able to view as the Moon Rises. 

"If music be the food of love, play on.  Give me excess of it, that surfeiting... The appitite may sicken and so die." WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE- Libra Moon

May You be Healthy
May You be Happy
May You be at Peace
Donna xo


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