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The Moon Report

Super Full Moon ~6° Aries
Sept 29th, 2:57 am PT


This Weekend's Super Full Moon Intends to
AWAKEN US to Who We Truly Are!

Astrology helps us remember WHO we are and what we came here to do.  It reminds us that we are all unique YET we are all Connected. With the North Lunar Node now in Aries (July 17, 2023 - Jan.  11, 2025), the majority of the Eclipses in the next year will be in Aries & Libra inviting us to move towards a GLOBAL AWAKENING. I see this Aries Full Moon as a "kick off" to October's Eclipse Season. This Aries Full Moon encourages us to move away from unhealthy boundaries, codependency, people pleasing and imbalance, as we discover our Independence WITHIN our Relationships.  The Eclipses over the next year will work in layers of our Personal & Collective Evolution. 

We are now Beginning to Open Our Hearts,
Find Our Courage & Independence...
As We Step into a Role of Graceful Leadership.

When we feel lost and out of balance, our confidence takes a hit.  We are not born knowing Who we are. In fact, our primary Purpose here on Earth is to simply figure out WHO the heck WE ARE!!  Our journey in life has its ups and downs.  We can do our personal growth work, experience clarity and confidence, but inevitably life will throw some obstacles in front of us, challenges that will test us and often lead us to lose part of ourselves in order to survive. The Cosmic energy over the next month will give us an opportunity to re-set, to come back to WHO we truly are. Another way we get lost on our path and lose energy is by trying to get others to understand us. An Aries Full Moon encourages us to look at WHO we are, UNDERSTAND OURSELVES and acknowledge our own wonderfulness.



With the Sun & Mars in Libra and the Moon & Chiron in Aries it is highlighted to us to find balance in our lives, balance in our relationships and balance in the world.  The Sun in Libra brings our focus to Relationships, while the Moon in Aries invites us to look at our Relationship with OURSELF.  This week, our attention is focused on how we balance having a healthy amount of Independence WITHIN our Relationships.  This Moon is a clear reminder to us that how others relate to us (treat us) is a clear reflection of how we relate to ourselves.

  • What can you do to do to bring more balance into your life?  

  • Do you listen to yourself?

  • How do you treat yourself? 

  • How would you rate your ability to receive? If you are an over-giver, challenge yourself to RECEIVE this week. 

  • Who are you~ outside of your bio description?!?  

Our next Moon event will be a Libra Solar Eclipse on October 14th. We are now in the tailwinds of the energy of 2 Eclipses, CHANGE IS IN THE AIR- and it is time to do some personal housekeeping. Full Moons bring light into the Shadow and allow us to see what has been hidden in our consciousness. They give us an opportunity to move stored emotions and become aware of old patterns that need re-aligning. An Aries Full Moon highlights the shadow of the Aries-Libra Archetypes; selfishness, impatience, old anger, indecisiveness, people pleasing, codependence, neglecting yourself.  

This Full Moon will highlight to us that the struggles we have in our relationships is actually a

reflection of our own Inner emotional health.

The Sun feeds the Fire in our Soul, hence our Sun Sign can give us lots of simple clues on how to Light Up and SEE the Path ahead of us. When we neglect to engage in our positive Qualities and Needs we will automatically find ourselves expressing shadow qualities of our OPPOSITE sign (which dims our lighting).  Click here to look at your Sun Sign ~use your imagination on how you can engage in some of your Qualities and Needs.  (I post this once a year- as a helpful, repetitive reminder) Remind yourself that YOU CAN CHOOSE TO LIGHT UP!  With better lighting you will have better vision to see where you are going, what opportunities are around you and you may just be enough Light for a loved one around you who is struggling.  

What Lights YOU Up?!?

This weekend's Super Full Moon is the final SUPER Moon of 2023! It will absolutely be Directing us to Re-align so we are ready for the exciting opportunities, changes and new beginnings that the Eclipses will be bringing. It’s time to turn those Lights back on! Let yourself Shine, see where you are going and maybe be a Light for someone else who needs it. 
"Own your decisions, own who you are. Without apology." ANNA WINTOUR (Editor of Vogue)-  Aries Moon


May Your Heart Remain Open!

Donna xo

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