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The Moon Report

New Moon!!
~20° Scorpio


Sometimes things need to Break Down...
Before we can make a Break Through!!

The Message from this weekend's New Moon urges us to become more Pro-Active in Determining our Own Path~ particularly now...
When it is time to "March in a New Direction."

This week has certainly been about breaking down and doing some clearing before the New Moon on Monday! It's time to give up the old to make room for the New.

  • Buried Resentments

  • Fears

  • Misunderstandings, Irrational Beliefs

  • Envy (wanting what others have)

  • What do you need to Accept, Forgive or Heal?

The Stars during the month of October brought us 2 Potent Eclipses that certainly stirred the pot, accelerated things and invited CHANGE!  The Cosmos continues this month to bring us the exact energy we need to begin to make beneficial changes in our lives.

Venus & Mercury changed signs earlier this week. For the better part of October, Venus was in Virgo and Mercury was in Scorpio intensifying an already intense month.  Venus now in Libra and Mercury in Sagittarius already feels less heavy and more optimistic. 

Mars Opposite Uranus: November 11th, 1:11 pm
Uranus Opposite Sun: November 13th, 9:20 am

Are you feeling it?!! Thank goodness for the support from Venus and Mercury right now as we are also feeling the Fire inside build as Mars moved towards an Exact opposition to Uranus on November 11th! (We will feel the Close/intense opposition Nov 8-16). Mars & Uranus meet in opposition once every 2 years.  This planetary combo is considered to be the perfect storm to create chaos and power struggles. We can feel more emotionally reactive and reckless. You may find yourself reaching your bottom line, or perhaps the final straw. You may find yourself saying this week; "That's it, I am done, no more... NEVER AGAIN!!"

Uranus can bring unexpected surprises, maybe you will surprise yourself?!! The more restricted you feel right now, the more reactive you will be with this transit. Uranus-Mars literally translates into "Sudden (Uranus) Action (Mars)".  As volatile as this transit can feel, it will give you the Courage you need to make necessary changes, and find the Freedom you have been desiring!  

Scorpio New Moon Nov. 13th 1:27 am PT

Scorpio invites the energy of Intensity and this will be an Intense New Moon.  Scorpio New Moons remind us to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to "feel", and to work with our emotions rather than get caught in the darkness (power struggles, depression, addiction, betrayal, Self-betrayal, disappointments, regrets, shame, blame, resentments) and stuck in suffering. Scorpio encourages growth through looking at our shadow, our fears and our dark side. Monday's New Moon opens us up to do the transformational work necessary to shift from "breaking down" to BREAKING THROUGH!!

Monday's New Moon is at almost an EXACT Opposition to the Planet Uranus.  Uranus is the "shake up- wake up" Planet... "The Awakener". Uranus will act as a Wake Up Call, to bring attention to a certain area of our life as well as the motivational energy to take action. This transit invites the unexpected; sudden opportunities, disruptions, accidents, weather or ? This alignment will ALSO invite buried emotions to come to the surface. It will test our values, our willpower and our weaknesses. 


Scorpio, the Archetype of CHANGE~
Shows Us Where we Need to Make Internal Shifts...
Before We Move Forward on Our Destined Path!

On a more positive note, all of this Scorpio energy can give us the MOTIVATION & HYPER-FOCUS we need to move past a hurdle we are experiencing. With the Sun, Moon and Mars ALL in Scorpio this week we are feeling Scorpio's powerful and transformative energy! 

Monday's New Moon reminds us that true Power is attained by exploring the complex layers of life, by facing our demons, our fears and our shadow.  The Spiritual Task of Scorpio is to have us learn to TRUST OUR INNER WORLD OVER OUR OUTER WORLD. We cannot Trust ourselves until we know ALL of ourselves, the good, bad and the ugly.  

Scorpio encourages us all to Courageously Embrace the Journey of Evolution & to Step into our greatest Power... the Power to Choose!!  

"All your life, you will be faced with a choice. You can choose love or hate- I chose love." JOHNNY CASH~ Scorpio Moon

May All Beings Be Safe From Harm
May All Beings Find Peace
May All Beings Experience Love 
Donna xo

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