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The Moon Report

Full Moon!!
~4° Cancer

Mercury Retrograde Continues!
Dec 12, 2023 - Jan. 1, 2024

The Spiritual Task of A Cancer Full Moon
Is to Highlight to Us~
The Value of Learning from Our Past
& Our Emotions...
WITHOUT Hanging on to them.


Cancer Full Moon:
Dec. 26, 4:33 pm PT

As the Cancer Full Moon opposes the Capricorn Sun we are reminded of what is weighing us down, holding us back from reaching our Optimal Potential. When looking back on the past year, reflect on the choices you have made~ and the consequences they created... without judgment.  It is essential that we become aware of the POWER of our Choices and hold Responsibility for the Choices we have made.  A Cancer Full Moon will highlight any Shadow Expressions of Capricorn we may have; under-responsibility, immaturity, over-responsibility, pessimism, need for recognition, greed, duty, obligation and guilt. 

In other words, this Moon will bring our awareness to the extra weight & baggage we are carrying around with us...
And the price we pay for continuing to carry it. 

Chiron Retrograde~ July 23 - Dec. 26
Jupiter Retrograde~ Sept 4 - Dec. 30
Mercury Retrograde~ Dec. 13 - Jan. 1

As the year comes to a close, the Planets all begin to move forward once again. This signals to us that it is now time for us to begin to move forward!  Retrogrades slow things down.  All Retrogrades are an opportunity to re-align ourselves. They pull us back so we can get a better visual, a wider view and greater perspective. With this greater visual we have more clarity and confidence in moving forward on our Destined Path.

We can always count on the Cosmos to bring us exactly what we need. During this final week of the year, the Stars are inviting us to reflect on the choices we have made, and hold responsibility for the consequences. We are encouraged to Reflect on our Beliefs, Values and Choices. We can now see where we need to re-assess our goals and redefine our boundaries.  

  • What signs or messages have you been getting?

  • What still needs tweaking, or realigning in order to start moving towards your deepest Soul Desires? 

  • How does your Judgmental Mind hold you back from your goals, potential & overall happiness?

  • What IS your Potential?

As the New Year approaches, we find ourselves pondering on what lies ahead. But first, it is important for us to Reflect on the year behind; the ups & downs, the challenges, the accomplishments, the joyful moments, the pains and the lessons. Tuesday's Full Moon highlights to us our over-attachment to wealth, recognition, our wounds and the past.  As we approach the New Year, consider what you want to bring with you... What are you willing to let go of?  With less "weight" holding you back you have less "wait" time in reaching your Optimal Potential!

Astrology opens us up to connect with the Divine Cycles of the Universe and helps us understand these forces that are beyond our Knowing and our control.  We experience more Ease in Life when we understand that life is NOT linear... rather it is Cyclical.

Connect with the Cycles~
Trust the Cycles~ 
Surrender to MOVING WITH The Cycles!

Let's Begin 2024 WITH OUR LIGHTS ON~ Perhaps it will lead you to a PORTUGAL RETREAT!!! To find out more about what to expect in 2024, please join me January 21st (Zoom) for my Annual Astrology Workshop~ 2024 in the Stars! I would be honored if you could join me. See more information below. 

"The illuminated path leads toward truth, not Illusion. Things on this Earth become problems & burdens only when you believe they have more power than your Soul in your Destiny." CAROLINE MYSS  "A Time for Grace."

May We All Find Our Light,

Share Our Light & Celebrate Our Light!!
Happy New Year!
Donna xo

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