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The Moon Report

New Moon!!
~20° Sagittarius

Mercury Retrograde!
Dec 12, 2023 - Jan. 1, 2024
Geminid Meteor Shower
Peaks Dec. 13th -14th

*Neptune Square the Sun!!
Dec 16th, 7:42 pm PT

Capricorn Solstice!
Dec. 21 at 7:27 pm PT

"Look up at the Stars & not down at your feet.
Try to make sense of what you see...
& Wonder about what makes the Universe Exist."

The Message from this month's New Moon is REFLECTION! We are called Inward to Self-Examine... to ponder our existence and the deeper meaning of life. Why am I here?!?

Each month the Universe gives us the gift of a New Moon!  At this time the Sun, Earth and Moon meet at the exact same alignment producing a shadow so that we cannot see the Moon. This first phase of the Moon's Cycles creates the darkest nights.  This darkness invites us to slow down, be still and listen to our Inner voice. The final New Moon of 2023 STRONGLY encourages us to acknowledge ourselves as well as recognize our needs and heartfelt desires.  Each New Moon marks a New Lunar Cycle and a time for New Beginnings.  This week's New Moon is a little tricky~

Sagittarius New Moon Dec. 12th 3:32 pm PT
**Please note that is not your typical New Moon!!

Our sense of Direction is unclear right now as this month's New Moon is blanketed with Planetary Aspects that interfere with our Clarity and better Judgment. 
1) The night before the New Moon, Mars meets up with the Moon, charging our emotional reactivity.  It may keep you up at night, worrying, wondering and questioning. Emotional thoughts interfere with our rational and intuitive mind.
2) The Planet Neptune closely squares (meets at a 90° angle) the New Moon on Dec. 12th and EXACTLY squares the Sun on Dec. 16th. Neptune creates a cloud in our Left Brain, leaving us feeling foggy, tired and fuzzy. Positively, Neptune heightens our sensitivity, activating our Internal Guidance and Intuitive Antennae. Tap into your dreams, notice signs. Neptune rules the immune system. Pay extra care to your health and immune system as wee will feel this Neptune-Sun Square all week!
3) Mercury Stations Retrograde just hours after the New Moon!! More on Mercury Retrograde below.

Mercury Retrograde; Dec. 12th - Jan. 1 (Shadow 11/26-01/21)

Mercury is in Retrograde close to 20% of the time. We get 3-4 Mercury Retrograde Cycles per year. Mercury Retrograde Cycles are not simply about mishaps and frustrations with technology, they are potent times when we are invited to slow down and engage more actively in our Right Brain (the Creative, Imaginative, Intuitive side).    During these Cycles, Mercury (the Messenger Planet), slows us down, encouraging us to listen to our Inner Voice, our Intuition & our Guides. 

Mercury begins its Retrograde Cycle in Capricorn, inviting us to:

  • Think for ourselves. 

  • To see where we are over-burdened & over-committed.

  • To be patient with delays.

  • To see our limits & where we need to withdraw from a situation or obligation.

  • To take time to reflect on our goals, desires and ambitions.

  • Listen to our Inner Guidance & Notice the Messages coming our way!!

  • Dates to pay attention to: 11/26/23, 12/12/23, 12/22/23, 01/01/24, 01/21/24


Geminid Meteor Shower~ Peaks Dec. 14th 
The Geminid Meteor Shower is active Nov. 19 - Dec. 24, peaking the night of Dec. 13-14 right after the New Moon, making them more visible!! During these dark nights, the showers are expected to yield 120-150 Meteors per hour. Begin Star-Meteor gazing around 10 pm.  Meteor Showers remind us that we are Supported & Blessed from Higher Dimensions... and that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!  Dare to imagine, to dream, to make a wish... to take a step towards your deepest heart's desire!!

CAPRICORN SOLSTICE~ Dec. 21 at 7:27 pm PT
On December 21st, the Sun moves into Capricorn, marking the Winter Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere (Summer Solstice in the South).  The Winter Solstice is the original Celebration of the Return of the Light as it marks when the days begin to get longer here in the Northern Hemisphere. The word “Solstice” comes from the Latin word “solstitium”, meaning “to stand still”.  For the 3 days around the Solstice, the Earth’s axial tilt comes to a gravitational pause.  This pause or stillness is what we need before we shift directions... it is an indicator that change is ahead of us.  This pause creates an energetic portal as there is a reduction of energy to the magnetic field on earth the day before, day of and day after the Solstice (Dec. 20th - 22nd).  This energetic portal forges an opening to the Cosmos.  These 3 days (Dec. 20, 21 & 22) are an extra powerful time for setting intentions, meditation, creativity, intuition, ceremonies and prayer!

With Mars, the Sun and the Moon all in Sagittarius this week, we are feeling an abundance of its Optimistic Energy. Sagittarius is the Archetype of the Visionary, it brings us Faith, Inspiration, Joy, Abundance and Blessings!!! Hallelujah!! It is no coincidence that Sagittarius coincides with the Holiday Season each year, urging us to "Lighten" up, to Gather with Loved Ones and to Celebrate!


The Stars this week remind Us to..
Trust Our Inner Guidance & Celebrate Our Light! 

"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?" VINCENT VAN GOGH~ Sagittarius Moon

May We All Find Our Light,
Share Our Light
& Celebrate Our Light!

Donna xo

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