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The Moon Report

Full Moon
~5° Taurus


Eclipses are Assistance from the Universe to See things More Clearly...
They Invite Change & Growth~
Giving Us the much needed Impetus to Move Forward!

How are you moving through the changes in your life?
With... Doubt*Resistance*Fear*Shame*Control*Stuck*Denial*Dissatisfaction?
Or With... Courage*Resourcefulness*Optimism*Flexibility?

Full Moons Shine a Light on what has been hidden in the Shadows.  A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse shines an Infra-Red Light into our Shadow. It acts as a spotlight on our buried feelings, our patterns and choices that play into our fears, wounds and self-pity.  This Light allows us to see how far we have come and how far we need to go.

The next Full Moon at 5° Taurus-Scorpio will be a Partial Lunar Eclipse and will be the final Eclipse of 2023. It will also be the final Eclipse in the Taurus-Scorpio Axis for another 8-9 years. Saturday's Full Moon will Eclipse slowly as it passes through the Earth's shadow, bringing to our awareness what has been hidden, repressed or blocked.  We will have an opportunity this week to process any buried emotions, trauma or fears.  We will also have an opportunity to re-unite with our deepest desires and what truly motivates us. 

Pay Attention to whatever is coming to the surface right now; any synchronicities, any frustrations and any opportunities! We need to focus on the HERE & NOW! It isn't helpful to wallow in the past or worry about the future.  Eclipses are gifts from the Universe, reminding us all what we need to focus on TODAY!

What has this Eclipse Season Stirred Up for You?

Denying our Shadow (fear, shame, blame, worry, need for control, pride, entitlement, denial, disillusionment, saboteur, victimhood, pity, doubt, escapism) is the most disempowering thing we can do. It becomes psychic weight, weighing us down and holding us stuck. When we own these parts of ourselves, we can better manage them and lighten our weight.  We ALL have Shadowy patterns, we simply do.  They are attached to our Survival instincts~ any time our safety or security take a blow, or "perceived" blow, (financial threat, health issue, relationship loss, watching news) fear and a parade of Shadow qualities follow. A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse gives us an opportunity to see some parts of ourselves that we have kept in hiding.  Seeing them, is the first step towards amazing and Powerful Changes!

Eclipses work in phases.  We have already had 3 sets of Eclipses in the Taurus-Scorpio Axis (Apr/May 2022, Oct/Nov 2022 & April 2023). 

  • What Shadow Patterns have you been working with the last 18 months?

  • Have you become stuck in any way, resisting change? 

  • How have you grown & evolved through these patterns? Are there more shifts you need to do?

  • Consider what you valued 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 2 years ago… 

  • What TRULY matters to you TODAY?

  • Do you have what you want? Do you want what you have?

  • How often do you betray yourself? (people pleasing, not looking after your needs, not facing truth, not speaking up, poor choices). Has this theme been showing up for you to improve on? 

With the Sun, Mercury and Mars all in Scorpio we are all reminded of the Power of each Choice we make.  The most Powerful Choices are; Choosing Love, Choosing Grace, Choosing to Forgive, Choosing Compassion, Choosing Kindness, Choosing Joy, Choosing to Smile and Choosing to Grow & Change. Only hours after the Eclipse, the Moon & Jupiter will be exactly opposite to Mars & Mercury adding to the Intensity of the energy felt by this Eclipse. This can bring us a dramatic and emotional Sunday! 

Major Transits in the Cosmos have been at work this month~
To Shake Things Up...
To Support Us As We get back on Our Soul's Path. 

This is a Partial Eclipse that will be visible across all of Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.  Most of S. America and parts of East Coast of Canada & US will have a view.  For more info on viewing this Eclipse, click here.

Whether you view the Eclipse or not, this interruption of Light opens US ALL up to expand our Awareness, to gain Clarity and to engage in our Power to Choose Love, Compassion & Kindness!

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious." CARL JUNG~ Taurus Moon


May All Beings Be Safe From Harm
May All Beings Find Peace
May All Beings Experience Love 
Donna xo

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