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Your Soul...

With Astrology

Hi, I'm Donna

Understanding WHO you are, acknowledging who you are and expressing your Innate Qualities is what gives you CLARITY, CONFIDENCE & HEIGHTENED INTUITION!  Truly “knowing” yourself is what gives you POWER!  Astrology is a wonderful tool, a cheat sheet really in Self-Discovery.


I draw on my knowledge, education, and experience in health, psychology, and Astrology to intuitively work with clients on their Spiritual journey towards an overall happier and healthier life.

Begin to

Unwrap Your Soul

We are all made up of a physical body and a Spiritual Soul. We are designed so divinely with the perfect blend of qualities to fulfill our Soul's purpose. 


Astrology opens us up to connect with the Divine Cycles... the Universal forces that are far beyond our knowing and our control. However, we CAN work with these cycles consciously to bring more Grace and Ease into our lives. Astrology works as a wonderful tool to help Shine a Light on who you are... it will encourage you to embrace your beautiful personal qualities and gifts so that you may experience life more gracefully as you follow your Soul's intended journey. 


My intention is to assist you in becoming more in line with your Soul's growth and purpose. 


Allow me to guide you in Unwrapping Your Soul!

"Know thyself; then thou shalt know the Universe and God!" 

- Pythagoras ~500 BC

What people are Saying

“You are always spot on with what is going on in my life! Our phone consultations are even more helpful. I am so grateful for the tools you have provided to help me overcome whatever is going on in my life, as well as dig deeper into discovering who I am. You truly have helped me beyond words.”

— Megan

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